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Just being frivolous ^_^

Posted: November 10, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh
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So I haven’t been able to think of one specific topic for a blog post. Apologies to the anti-social media among you for failing to do so, and please do pardon me for boring you with another one. Anyway, I kind of decided to do a round-up article, so to speak, and then I divided that one into parts cos it became too maddeningly long….. And here’s one post which is on here for all the wrong reasons, reasons which I wouldn’t care to divulge to anyone just yet. If you somehow strive on till the end of this piece, my commends to you, and it would be better for you to not be as vella as you seem to be. Nah, just kidding, that would just kill off this site before it even starts!

The actual article, if you can call it that!

The disclaimer:– I do know that I risk being declared Enemy number 1 in the school with this one, but honestly, look at this way, I won’t name anyone! Nah, just kidding, it’s a fun post guys, so just try to take it that way. Otherwise, if you’re plain disgusted at me, do let me know and I will just ignore your complaints….

Most of the people on here must be in their advanced teens by now, and would know exactly what I mean by the topic. I shouldn’t really say much on this as I’ve been at both ends of the stick myself! But yeah, it’s human nature to play matchmaker and link two people together. If you’re just plain bored, you pick up random names and try to make the guy/girl blush. A reaction would be bliss for the teaser; otherwise there are always a hundred more names in school. But for the teaser, it all must be a bit discerning at first, and must be very awkward when you’re with that person. Of course, the idiots I call my friends don’t care too much about that, and there’s always those couple of names that keep popping up.

The problem with linking two people together is…..actually…..nothing. As long as it’s not plain disgusting as some people come up with, it should all be in fun and mocking tones. Some, like me, have learnt to take it all with a pinch of salt, and I honestly enjoy it when people try to get a reaction out of me. I don’t really care what they say, but it becomes really interesting to see just how far they will go. Just add a bit more fuel to the fire, and you’re set for your entertainment quote for the day.

Even the teachers have become privy to some of the worst kept secrets in school, and most of them are up to date on the current affairs and all. I’m not going to give out any names for I’m supposed to be a bit ‘grown-up’ for that [ Hahahahaha XD ], but on the whole of it, students could do better with taking it all on the chin. I’ve got a friend in my colony (NOT school) getting worked up over some rumours spread around her tuition. Honestly speaking, I tried to help, but I’m not sure my stifled laughter was a confidence booster for her….

Over the past couple of years, there have been a whole lot more relationships in GBS than before. A lot more people have come out into the open, and I honestly find it refreshing that GBSites are learning to live their life out loud. You shouldn’t have to care about what people think, just go with the flow, and enjoy youself. Unfortunately, in this school, a girl and a boy can never be friends, and there will always be a third party involved set on bringing some tension between them. And one last thing before I stop this inconclusive rambling, it would be better for some people to leave others alone. I notice that they feel a whole lot more uncomfortable when I start the name-calling. Mind you, not in my nature to do so. I just had to say this, for the politics involved with the blog O:)

I sooooo want to name people on here, who have made life absolutely miserable for others. But for continuity and the existence of this site and some other shit I can’t quite figure out, I’m quite happy by taking inspiration from them. This article is going to ruffle more than a few feathers, and I hope that you’ll pardon me for my …. am I outspoken?…..nature. Anyway, for all those who were hoping to actually get some names and couples on here, sorry for disappointing you. But honestly, I do like my life right now, and a premature death isn’t for everyone out there.

If you have any new suggestion for a blog article or would like to write one yourself, please do contact me somehow, either in school or over on Facebook, and I’ll be at your service. Not the oh-this-guy-is-a-freak kind of service, but I hope one that will be beneficial, or some other hoodoo like that….

Get commenting now guys, and please do tell me how big an idiot I am!