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How we are going to miss the present 12th ka batch….

So, it’s the last countdown to the farewell, with the date being less than a week off. The 12th’ies have finished off their school life, and it’s a countdown to the end for them. The boards, college life and all beckons, but somehow you just can’t leave behind all the little things that made growing-up years so damn fun….

This isn’t just going to be another blog from me, it’s going to get a bit emotional, or weird in some people’s books. So please, do bear with me, and tell the world how much you’re going to miss the batch of 2012.

School years are the formative years of any person’s life. Not formative as in the CCE kind of understanding, but it’s just that they are a true reflection of how you’re going to live the rest of your life. Leaving aside the academic portion for which a school is known, there are a lot of things in a daily school which may have seemed minor at the time, but you’ll treasure it like mad when you pass out. Imagine yourself in college, with no chance of the daily tiffin-looting, the ecstasy of having a substitution, gathering at the water point; these are all instances that a pass-out will miss, and will find it hard to believe that they can’t do all that again. No matter how experienced we may be, everyone wants to live out his school-life again given the opportunity, and this loss isn’t something taken easily.

Friends are an integral part of your building-up process, and it would be hard to imagine yourself without them. This present batch won’t ever be together fully again, and will only meet in groups, never all in one place. And while you would always enjoy yourselves within that small gang of yours, you would find it hard to imagine yourself without the others in your class- the jokers, the pranksters, the dancers, the singers, and the other-talented. There was that certain charm to the proceedings, the diversity of a classroom and everything it stood for, and everything it was made out to be by the clowns of the class…

I won’t name anyone out here for fear of pissing off the others, but there are some gems in this batch. Everyone is unique in his or her own way, and we’re going to miss all of them. School will just seem a bit barren without them, no doubt about that, and we’ll always remember them. Remember, you’re not just passing on into oblivion, the memories we had with you will be treasured forever, and people will remember you by your actions.

School life ends sometime or the other, and it’s really hard to imagine yourself out there in that big bad world. But while pondering about your future, there’s always the little glance-back at your past, and the memories it holds. You remember instances, occurrences, and you just wonder…. what if? What if school life goes on, in this same shell that we’re living in? What if some things never change, remaining constant over time?

But if that were so, would you have the memories to preserve? Would you be able to look back at that time and feel proud of yourselves for having done something? Would you enjoy the timeless bond that grew over 14 years of school-life?

Once someone passes out, they will be free, no doubt about that. But they’ll also live in the past, and live for the moments that were. The only thing to do is to keep those memories in your heart, remember the times that were, and move on. The world will remember you for it, starting with the small sphere of GBS.

Bon Voyage 🙂

by Nitesh