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We’re back to the good old days, with no tension of upcoming exams and any other thought to weigh us down. Of course, there’s always the tension of the results and the report cards, but ah well, you can’t get everything in life, can you?

Sitting in an examination hall, we always daydream about what we are going to do once the exams get over and the crazy fun we would have with our friends. A lot of people end up lazing about at home, eating all day long and updating their FB status, to hell with those plans. But these times won’t come back ever again, school is going to start once again and we’re going to dissolve into the hectic oblivion that is school life. So I hope you enjoyed yourself in these few days, cos it’s not going to get any easier.

For my batch, it’s going to be the last year of school-life. Nostalgia is kicking in since we gave a farewell to the batch of 2012, and we just can’t believe that it’s all going to end soon. Cry all you like, everyone remembers school life and all the fun that it was. It’s hard to believe that we won’t ever be fully assembled again, that everyone is going their own separate way soon, and that friendships made can’t last forever. There’re the boards too, you know, but we shouldn’t ponder on the depressing thoughts, should we?

School life’s boring for some, but it’s heaven on Earth for others. I’ll be going to Hell when I die, but that’s not relevant right now. Within the infinite boundaries of school lies your childhood, the urge to succeed, the urge to be known, and the glory of enjoying. Bonds grow deeper, friendships spring up, and people get the social urge to interact. It makes us ready to face what’s out there in that big world, but that’s just old talk. Rather, it makes us ready to face what is inside us. I mean… each of us gets the urge to go and watch a movie every night, don’t we? School life controls that urge in us, by giving us homework…

I won’t go on forever because I do hate blabbing like this. It’s better when you’ve got a comrade in arms to do the dirty work with you, but no such luck for me. Chalo, I won’t bore you anymore. Vella tha, likhne ka mann kiya, and here it is. Best of luck for your results, now Ciao.