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Food fights are part of who we are

Posted: November 7, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

How often have you been caught while eating food in the class? I’ve been caught a couple of times, but teachers seem to understand that it’s normal behavior for us students to be greedy pigs. It’s a rarity for any tiffin to survive till the break, and if one does so, we celebrate the occasion by looting the poor guy/girl.

The opening of a tiffin has a lot more meaning than it used to before. Now, some people smell the food before opening the box, and in the nano-seconds that it takes to lift the lid, a 10-man strong crowd would have gathered. I believe that it’s excellent training for anyone; just try to stand there jostling for a piece of the action, and you’ll understand what I’m rambling about. It’s excellent character building too- try to shout at the top of your voice while trying to get your hands on something, and you’ll have learnt the first basic truth of life—- nothing comes without hardwork, and you have to go into the fray blind at all times, and hope your hands get something. Yeah, your food fight somehow actually teaches you a moral lesson for life!

In my class, we have a set agenda. We open this guy’s tiffin in the 1st period, check this other guy’s tiffin the 3rd period, safely hide Vibhor’s tiffin whenever we get our hands on it, and somehow get the guts to sneak a peek inside our own food and have a bite. All this, while hiding from the circling vultures in our classmates, and the teachers who have a much sharper eye than most. I can honestly say that I haven’t had the distinction of being caught up for eating when someone’s teaching something. For the sake of this discussion/whatever you want to call it, let’s just say I’m too quick to be caught! 😉

Then, once you have somehow survived till break, comes the agonizing wait for the teacher to go out of the class, and the desperate anxiety for someone’s tiffin to have been spared.  I sometimes prowl in the other classes in that hope, but nah, I’m unlucky most of the time. For an instance, take Anurag. The poor idiot was so desperately hungry that he didn’t wait for Arpita maam to leave the class after the 4th period ended, and started eating right under her nose, hoping it would be concealed by the desk. Fortunately for us ecstatic onlookers, he was unlucky, and her shriek of ‘Bhukkadd!!’ reverberated across the class, along with our joyous laughter. Trust me, we never let Golu forget that!

Food fights are an excellent character-building method. You learn to skip lines, you learnt that the first bird always gets the grain, and you learn that this student’s mom is a great chef. Ahhh, I enjoyed that one…. 😉

Haha, anyway, it must have sounded like an idiotic post for you big people. But for gawaars like me, a food fight is the epitome of success, and it’s the one who comes out with half a burger in the end who’s the biggest victor.

by Nitesh