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I have been asked to try and explain what we will be posting on the blog, so, for fear of being dismissed as a complete lunatic, here’s our layout.

We made this blog mainly as a subsidiary to our whims to communicate much more frequently with GBSites, and on a larger scale than on Facebook. As of now, we won’t be posting any abuse against the school, and nothing controversial will be published straight off. So apologies to the people lurking in the basement, but you can’t use your fake names on here and post anonymous abuses.

On to Milind’s question on my last post. If you comment for the first time on anything on the site, then it will have to be approved by a moderator before being passed. This is one of the necessary evils of a blogger, and we hope that you’ll be ohkay with this. Once your first comment has been approved, you may comment as much as you like on any future post. These future comments won’t need to be moderated by anyone, and will be posted directly to the site. Comments will only be flagged for moderation if it contains any abuse, which I’m sure you won’t resort to. Let’s keep this site civilised. If I can tone down a bit, absolutely anyone can!

Commenting on the site can’t be more easy. I have configured the settings so you can just use your Facebook account on the site. Just press on the FB option, and a pop-up will crop up asking you to authorize WordPress. Authorise the App, and you can start commenting as much as you want. Otherwise, if you wouldn’t want to use your FB account, we will require a username and an email. The website field is optional, and doesn’t need to be filled in. But your username and email ID are compulsory, and will need to be provided. Don’t worry, you won’t have to remember your username + email combo everytime you log in, it will be automatically filled from you from next time on.

That’s about it guys. We’ve really enjoyed setting up this blog, and we hope that it can become big inside GBS, and that students really take to it. Of course, there will be some negative comments everywhere, but we aim to ride over those and do it.

Disclaimer:- I’m NOT doing this for extra credit! I’m doing this to really bind GBS together. On FB, we all have our small little groups. Here, there’s no group. You can just jump into any discussion you like, and we really want to hear your views on the topic in discussion.

P.S. :- To all the idiots asking how much I’ll earn from this blog, the answer is absolutely nothing! It’s free for you and all, and I won’t be earning anything from this at all. That’s from my other one 🙂

Cheers, and please get commenting!