In a time not akin ours, with people not unlike us, there was a teenager not unlike us. This is the story of how he found his life, his love, and how he went on to get what he wanted even when no one would have expected it from him. This isn’t an autobiography; it’s rather a hopefully heartwarming story which drew inspiration from my life. There are a couple of instances from my life, but each love part is not taken from anywhere, and IS FICTIONAL!


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He felt ditched. Reason left him; how the hell could she not come in front of him?!

But as is the case with teenage boys, he got over this quickly enough. A week after that, he was jumping around like a spring chicken, oblivious to the worries of the world. It’s been said that true inspiration comes from a broken heart, but what about the inspiration when a load has been taken off your back? On top of that, it’s not like we teenage boys are the fastest at anything, are we? Hell, if we had a competition over this, I guess frogs would be more romantic than us.

Every single person nowadays has someone with whom they’ve fixed a song as ‘their’ song. In this period of time, he started listening to that song over and over again, and was shocked at how idiotic that song sounded to him. He tried to hear it again to find out why he had liked the song in the first place, but all rationality had left him. He changed his songs, but more importantly, he just gave a couple of tweaks to his life.

School life passed him by; after all, which kid his age would want to get up every day in the morning and think ‘yes, we’re going to start this chapter today!”? It was like it was always going to be. As long as you left the system alone, the system would not gobble you up. But there was something wrong with the way he felt towards school life. He started looking at life within those boundaries as just an intermediary to the larger picture, as just a stepping-stone towards the real world outside. I guess that’s actually the right way of thinking, but come on, which kid among us doesn’t want to go to school every day if only to meet his friends and have fun? Leaving aside some of the ‘un-social’ kids, if you may, but then, he wasn’t having any problems in that regard.

It wasn’t like he didn’t talk to girls at all. Earlier, you’ve already been told of his brief fling when he was all of 13 years old. But as is the case with most children of his age, it was never going to go on, and these two just drifted apart over time.

Perhaps he just didn’t consider himself ready enough to be drawn into this net of relationships. He had heard a lot of comments from people around him about how difficult it is to sustain a long relationship with someone, and some very hurtful comments towards their ex’es. And it horrified him that some situations can occur which can make someone think about another being in that way. I guess that was the reason he just made up his mind that he wasn’t big enough and man enough to take care of a special someone for a long time. He preferred to go about his life as it were, keeping everyone happy while not taking it any further.

He went to tuition, but it just wasn’t the same now. He missed the fact that earlier, he actually had someone to stare at when everything being taught in class was zooming right over him. The rest of his gang were fun enough, but something just felt missing. That did not mean that they didn’t have fun in class, joking with the teachers and spreading the gossip around them. These are the small little things which can make the most boring of things worthwhile, and he fell right back into it.

And then one day, his gang and he reached tuition early, and they went inside early because the helper was watering the pavement outside. Most of them were in a good mood then; it was a glorious day with a chance of rain in the next couple of hours. There were still 15 minutes or so left for the class to start, so they just started to do anything which came in their mind. After drawing faces of Scooby-Doo, Powerpuff Girls and a couple of other Cartoon characters which came in their minds, they started to mess with their own hairstyles, asking others just how big an idiot they looked like. And just when he had managed to make up his hair in such a way that half of it came into his eyes  and it was all standing out like a porcupine’s from the side, she walked in….

Imagine the expression on the poor guy’s face. Not the best second first-impression anyone would want to have on someone he was attracted to, was it? But he quickly regained his composure and included her in the fun. Though he seemed solid enough at the outset, a cold feeling had crawled up his spine. He had let go with such difficulty, but now that she was in front of him, the world just seemed a bit messed-up to his adolescent mind.

In the break, he again kind of ditched his friends to stay back with her and talk. With the pretext of catching up, they went on a long walk of the nearby areas, as far away as possible from the study centre that could be acceptable in those 25 minutes.

Remember the piles of concrete or whatever it is that looks a lot like sand, which you always see near any place where construction is going on? Sometimes the smallest of things, however irrelevant they may seem, are the biggest things possible in a normal person’s life, and you just can’t help yourself but try to climb over it and feel like a circus performer. That was the day he first held her hand, supporting her as she climbed over the huge pile out of childish want.



In a time not akin ours, with people not unlike us, there was a teenager not unlike us. This is the story of how he found his life, his love, and how he went on to get what he wanted even when no one would have expected it from him. This isn’t an autobiography; it’s rather a hopefully heartwarming story which drew inspiration from my life. Yes, there are a couple of instances from my life, but each love-part is not taken from anywhere, and IS FICTIONAL!


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Yes, it wasn’t the best of starts for him, but honestly, which teenager would care when he can get to sit with his crush like that? Some can go all high heaven for a chance to do so. And of course, the best part of Truth & Dare was to pair someone with his or her crush.

Soon after that, he had a fight with his mom over the dishes. He had eaten his sister’s birthday cake and forgotten to put it back into the fridge. It wasn’t anything big enough to fight over, but his mind really wasn’t in it. His mother sensed that he wasn’t listening to her, and further prodded him. Brought back from his daydreams, he snapped back at her, exasperated by everything going on in his life. One thing led to another, and he found himself trudging off all alone to his room for some privacy. He went there, sat down on the floor, and promptly started daydreaming.

Next day, he again got ready for school, but his mood just wasn’t in it. Games at school went some way to taking his mind off things, and he acted like a lunatic all day. His friends didn’t mind; as long as they got their dose of entertainment, why would they care about whatever madness he did? His mind wasn’t on studies all day, but I guess that could be said about half the school. It was a glorious day outside; the sun was out in its full-glory, yet there was that cool little breeze blowing which made every teenager’s head go crazy. You know the things you daydream about when you’re sitting in the middle of the exam hall with absolutely nothing to do. It was somewhat along the same lines, with the exception that he wasn’t really thinking about what to do with his friends like the rest of us normally would have.

Till now, he had fair falling all over his head in a heap. He didn’t really care about it before, but suddenly he started paying attention to his face and everything else that, you know, isn’t like normal guys. He combed down his hair, he spiked it up, he tried absolutely every possible kind of hairstyle. Exasperated, he nearly got a crew cut, but luckily someone talked him out of it. Such was his longing for her to notice him.

I’ve said that he was one of the more social kids of his age. He enjoyed talking to different people and sharing their problems, and if he could, try to give them solutions. But when he needed to have shared it with someone else, he preferred to clamp up and withdraw inside his shell. Some people can think over matters so much that they put themselves into a bad mood. His friends weren’t idiots; they did know that something was wrong. To see the clown of their gang suddenly sitting in his seat alone when the rest of the class was enjoying themselves in a substitution just wasn’t right. He wasn’t going to get away with his drama anyway; this is India, you know. Friends just cant let each other stay in a bad mood for long, and somehow or the other he cheered up and went about his life.

All that day and the next, he tried to draw out a plan as to how he could go up to her and actually talk to her. He did decide on his opening line, the topics he could talk over with her, and absolutely everything that he would want to know about her. He reached the centre well ahead of time, put his books inside and came outside to stroll around the place, waiting for her. He just wanted to have a glimpse of her, no matter what it took. But she never came, not that day, not the next, not that week…


In a time not akin ours, with people not unlike us, there was a teenager not unlike us. This is the story of how he found his life, his love, and how he went on to get what he wanted even when no one would have expected it from him. This isn’t an autobiography; it’s rather a hopefully heartwarming story which drew inspiration from my life. There are a couple of instances from my life, but each love part is not taken from anywhere, and IS FICTIONAL!


You couldn’t really fault him for being the way he was. If life had taught him one thing, it was to never trust others to do the work you could do yourself. Over the years, he had found out that the only way for children like him to merge in was to make yourself entertaining, to make yourself the clown of the gang. It wasn’t the hardest thing for him, he was in his element when he was allowed to talk free without any restraints, and somehow he found it a lot easier with people of all sorts than most others of his age.

Talking about his looks, they weren’t much to talk about when he was younger. Neatly combed hair stuck down over his round head, a protruding nose which was a bit curved at the tip, and eyes that were sharp yet sleeping. His dressing sense was like all children at first, exactly as his mother ordered him to. This started to change as he grew older. His features became more pronounced, and he started transforming into someone who people would term as good-looking. Not like the ‘oh, he’s so hot’ type, just plain old good-looking with softened features and a balanced face. As all children, he started to rebel when he entered double-figures and puberty started to set in. He felt each emotion a hundred times stronger, but the one emotion that eluded him was love.

As he grew up, he slowly started building his fame in the school. A couple of academic awards later and playing in the school football team, other students started knowing of his existence. It wasn’t like he was hard to get to, rather that he just didn’t bother to. A lazy kid some could call him, but one who could shine when it really mattered. He didn’t get along with everyone, but he didn’t despise anyone for not liking him.

The kid I’m describing wasn’t challenged in any way except for the fact that he wore spectacles. But seeing as a third of the population around him did so, it wasn’t really a big thing for him. In fact, there was nothing extraordinary about him. Good enough in academics, good in football, good with his friends, he was a Jack of all trades, master of none. I guess kids like him really were popular among his peer group. But despite everything, he never got a swollen head; it was all the same for him whatsoever the case. It wasn’t like opportunities didn’t present themselves for him to show off and make a scene; it just wasn’t in his nature.

The only field he wasn’t accomplished in was in matters of the opposite sex. These completely passed him by, and perhaps he just didn’t think himself ready to get into all of this. It’s not as if the girls around him weren’t pretty enough, it’s just that the one for him wasn’t among them.

He did try his hand at love, you know. There was a brief time when he was 13 when he thought he had finally grasped the meaning of interaction with the opposite sex. There was a girl in his class who he liked conversing to. He wanted to sit with her every day, wanted to know what happened to her everyday and what she did every day. But it just wasn’t meant to be. Before anything developed, the two of them grew apart. They didn’t have a fight; they just drifted apart over time.

He was a plucky kid, no doubt about it. Announcing to the world on Facebook that he was gay as part of a dare, he never stood down from making a mockery of himself as long as people around him were having fun. Kneeling down in front of innumerable girls to propose as part of the infamous Truth & Dare times, he set the benchmark for doing the things others would have been afraid to. People admired him for his bravery, and he basked in the glory of their admiration.

It was only when he approached his last 2 years in school when he found himself drawn into the net of social interaction. He started conversing with girls over the net, he started talking to them in person when earlier he would have ignored them, he just started to have a positive looking social sphere. People were entertained by talking with him, and he was glad to be of service to everyone. But even among the people he talked to, he never had the first inclination of the first signs of love. He never daydreamed about any single girl when he was alone.

Taking up group tuition when he reached his higher class, he started having a wider range. He was still popular in there, yet he was still trying to find his way. It was there that he set eyes on her for the first time. The way she tied back her hair, the way she held herself, it just appealed to the person inside him and he needed to know more about her. He didn’t even dare to go to her and ask her name, he found it out by peaking into the class list. Secret admiration grew inside him, and he was killing himself for a way to get to her.

It would be prudent to say that he lived on like this. He knew that he couldn’t pass a single moment without thinking about her, and he returned to Facebook with a new vigor. He started talking to a whole lot more people, he started putting more of his life onto the net, yet he didn’t dare send her a friend request. For doing so would have been him making the first move, and he didn’t dare do that. I suppose there was that political side inside him, which analyzed each situation far harder than he should have.

One day, he reached late to class because he was coming from a friend’s house. Miraculously, the entire class had chosen just that very day to all be present, and that wasn’t even an important class. I suppose most of them had gotten bored of bunking classes, and it was just unfortunate for him that they had chosen just that day to reach and enter on time. There wasn’t a single seat empty for him, any, except one. This was by her side. Reprimanded by the teacher, he went and sat down beside her. Normally, people would have been cursing the teacher for having embarrassed them in front of their batch. But he wasn’t thinking about any of that. After an hour of molar concepts, all he retained in memory was that she smelled of strawberries.


We’re back to the good old days, with no tension of upcoming exams and any other thought to weigh us down. Of course, there’s always the tension of the results and the report cards, but ah well, you can’t get everything in life, can you?

Sitting in an examination hall, we always daydream about what we are going to do once the exams get over and the crazy fun we would have with our friends. A lot of people end up lazing about at home, eating all day long and updating their FB status, to hell with those plans. But these times won’t come back ever again, school is going to start once again and we’re going to dissolve into the hectic oblivion that is school life. So I hope you enjoyed yourself in these few days, cos it’s not going to get any easier.

For my batch, it’s going to be the last year of school-life. Nostalgia is kicking in since we gave a farewell to the batch of 2012, and we just can’t believe that it’s all going to end soon. Cry all you like, everyone remembers school life and all the fun that it was. It’s hard to believe that we won’t ever be fully assembled again, that everyone is going their own separate way soon, and that friendships made can’t last forever. There’re the boards too, you know, but we shouldn’t ponder on the depressing thoughts, should we?

School life’s boring for some, but it’s heaven on Earth for others. I’ll be going to Hell when I die, but that’s not relevant right now. Within the infinite boundaries of school lies your childhood, the urge to succeed, the urge to be known, and the glory of enjoying. Bonds grow deeper, friendships spring up, and people get the social urge to interact. It makes us ready to face what’s out there in that big world, but that’s just old talk. Rather, it makes us ready to face what is inside us. I mean… each of us gets the urge to go and watch a movie every night, don’t we? School life controls that urge in us, by giving us homework…

I won’t go on forever because I do hate blabbing like this. It’s better when you’ve got a comrade in arms to do the dirty work with you, but no such luck for me. Chalo, I won’t bore you anymore. Vella tha, likhne ka mann kiya, and here it is. Best of luck for your results, now Ciao.


Farewell 2012 – This Is It

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This really was it, the end, the infinite imortalis, the end of it it all.

We 11thies did our best to put up a great show for you guys, and I hope it went to your satisfaction. I don’t know about you guys, but some of us got pretty senti thinking about our own farewell next year. We understand now how much this school means to anyone, and how we’re going to miss everything that comes our way in some form or the other within the campus of GBS, Saket.

In the end, I believe our hard-work paid off. First of all, major kudos to the backdrop guys. In my opinion, this was the best backdrop GBS has ever seen, and certainly one of the most technical ones. I know how much the guys of SS1-B worked on it, and it all ended off with Saurav Roy lying across 4 art room tables placed together painting the Scooby-Doo gang.

Now that this has all finished, I think that I can share some details that people have been demanding from the 11thies. I do think that we deserve some applause for managing to keep our mouths shut, and so keep the sanctity of the farewell. Today, we all are so bloody exhausted, bodies ache, minds off the radar, no level of concentration, and yeah, no god-damn sense of time. Thank God it’s a Sunday, and a good long sleep was needed, and received. But nah, I won’t really share details. Let’s just keep the farewell shrouded in as much mystery as possible 😉

I hope the soon-to-be alumni appreciated our efforts to put on a great show for them, and enjoyed their last day in the school. All of them looked great, and special congrats to Abhishek and Malini, our Mr. and Ms. GBS. Everyone looked glamorous in their suits and saris, and we were in awe for having seen the transformation. It was your day guys, and I hope you enjoyed it.

We did our best with the dances and all, and it all came back to us when the 12th ka boys gang stood up and started dancing along with us. The Bhangra boys did their bit, and it was a great sight to see them dancing in their suits. Even the teachers smiled at them and their new-found sense of freedom, and it was all we could do to not join in with them. We did our bit at the end of the play, storming onto the stage, reminding them what they’re going to miss at the end of the day, and inversely, how much we’re going to miss them. It’s the dawn of a new day at GBS, and it will be a sad day without you guys there all the time.

by Nitesh

How we are going to miss the present 12th ka batch….

So, it’s the last countdown to the farewell, with the date being less than a week off. The 12th’ies have finished off their school life, and it’s a countdown to the end for them. The boards, college life and all beckons, but somehow you just can’t leave behind all the little things that made growing-up years so damn fun….

This isn’t just going to be another blog from me, it’s going to get a bit emotional, or weird in some people’s books. So please, do bear with me, and tell the world how much you’re going to miss the batch of 2012.

School years are the formative years of any person’s life. Not formative as in the CCE kind of understanding, but it’s just that they are a true reflection of how you’re going to live the rest of your life. Leaving aside the academic portion for which a school is known, there are a lot of things in a daily school which may have seemed minor at the time, but you’ll treasure it like mad when you pass out. Imagine yourself in college, with no chance of the daily tiffin-looting, the ecstasy of having a substitution, gathering at the water point; these are all instances that a pass-out will miss, and will find it hard to believe that they can’t do all that again. No matter how experienced we may be, everyone wants to live out his school-life again given the opportunity, and this loss isn’t something taken easily.

Friends are an integral part of your building-up process, and it would be hard to imagine yourself without them. This present batch won’t ever be together fully again, and will only meet in groups, never all in one place. And while you would always enjoy yourselves within that small gang of yours, you would find it hard to imagine yourself without the others in your class- the jokers, the pranksters, the dancers, the singers, and the other-talented. There was that certain charm to the proceedings, the diversity of a classroom and everything it stood for, and everything it was made out to be by the clowns of the class…

I won’t name anyone out here for fear of pissing off the others, but there are some gems in this batch. Everyone is unique in his or her own way, and we’re going to miss all of them. School will just seem a bit barren without them, no doubt about that, and we’ll always remember them. Remember, you’re not just passing on into oblivion, the memories we had with you will be treasured forever, and people will remember you by your actions.

School life ends sometime or the other, and it’s really hard to imagine yourself out there in that big bad world. But while pondering about your future, there’s always the little glance-back at your past, and the memories it holds. You remember instances, occurrences, and you just wonder…. what if? What if school life goes on, in this same shell that we’re living in? What if some things never change, remaining constant over time?

But if that were so, would you have the memories to preserve? Would you be able to look back at that time and feel proud of yourselves for having done something? Would you enjoy the timeless bond that grew over 14 years of school-life?

Once someone passes out, they will be free, no doubt about that. But they’ll also live in the past, and live for the moments that were. The only thing to do is to keep those memories in your heart, remember the times that were, and move on. The world will remember you for it, starting with the small sphere of GBS.

Bon Voyage 🙂

by Nitesh

I had taken a minor sabbatical from the site, but I decided to write another one just out of being vella. Sitting outside, soaking in the sun, reading a book, these are the times of the day when you feel that you can do absolutely anything. And then your mom tells you to go and hang out the clothes to dry…..

Waking up in the morning is a real pain for most people out there, and I’m no exception. The last thing anyone wants to do is have to trudge out in the blinding fog, shivering in your bones waiting for the school bus. But I can’t deny that it’s a bit different once you’re in school, kyunki phir toh sab chalta hain nah? 😉 The value of being with friends is a long drawn out ritual, and it really spices up a moribund day. Of course, it helps if you have a bit of masala to tease someone about, but it’s all hale and hearty in the end.

Oh, and did I mention how cold it is? But no, it isn’t as much as people are crying over it. Yes, the school extended the hols for the Junior school, but honestly, I couldn’t have survived sitting another week at home doing absolutely nothing. At school, the world is at your feet, with conditions, of course. At least you don’t have to wake up in the morning wondering what you can do except sit in front of a laptop doing Facebook all day. Meeting up with your friends, teasing someone about someone, throwing something at his/her face, and generally making a huge fool out of yourself, these are the things that you’ll miss about GBS when you move on. So hold onto that last bit of sanity, cos you have no idea how valuable that is. Senti log hain yahaan par! 😀

I know that this is probably a bit late, but I really enjoyed the number game which broke out during the New Year. Haters will hate, but you can’t argue that it was a whole lot of fun, and it all just contributed to the ambience of the school. It somehow makes us feel more united, and friendships grew a whole lot stronger. People were hesitant at the start, but once you had got the first couple out of the way, it wasn’t a complete disaster. And that’s because you were writing from your heart, about people close to you, people who you want in your life all the time. Bonds grew stronger, you got to know what your friends really think about you, and it was all just a bit different from what Facebook normally is. This is what you want in school; a platform where you can speak exactly what you want, about the people you want. Ask, and you shall be answered.

I’ll just shut up now. I’ve got to get a hang of things again before attempting another blog, that I can see. I’m bloody out of practise, so apologies for that. And for the hopeful 12thies who were hoping to get a clue, I can’t disclose anything about anything on here, so Shhhhsssssssssssssssssssss!


So the school ‘Fun Day’ happened yesterday. I’d already told you that it would happen a week or so before it was announced, and I got some rather sceptical opinions of me making up stories. Have you got your answer now?

Yes, our stall was a success, and it raked in a whole lot of money. Perhaps a bit more than we were expecting at the start of the day, but hey, we’re not complaining! In the end, I lost around 300 rs worth of equipment, and my school jacket…… Uska to Monday ko hi dekh lenge 😉

But this blog post isn’t about any specific stall; it’s about the atmosphere as a whole. Days like this don’t come too often, and it’s not every year that students let themselves go like they did. It was a break from all the hectic nature of school-work, and it was a heartening gesture to see even the teachers get into the hang of things. Whether it be Anjali ma’am roaming around joking with the students, or Neelam ma’am coming and trying a hand at darts, they let things go easy, and ecstatic students took full advantage of this new-found freedom.

Some were just roaming about the field, looking at the numerous stalls and trying to get a hang of things before gambling on any game. Pretty wise tactics in fact, cos I’m pretty sure most pockets were empty by the end of the day. The food was apparently awesome, and the games were awesomer. You just couldn’t leave out anything; everything was genuine, and everything sparkled on the day.

Friends are a big part of how we shape up, and I saw it in all its magnificence. Pardon me for rambling on a bit about myself here….. When I went up to people, most of them listened out to me, and were actually enthusiastic when I finished. A couple of teachers also went on to say that I was one of the best salesmen they had ever met, and that my future lay in customer interaction or something like that. But there were a couple of students, who ignored my efforts to strike up any kind of a conversation with them, and were rather shrivelled-up. They need to really let go, but I moved on. No use worrying about things that you can’t do anything about, and no use worrying about people who you don’t want to interact with.

These ‘Fun Days’ / ‘mini-Fete’s’ need to come more often, and should be made an Annual feature, just like the Athletic meet and the Annual day function. These are the few days when students let it all go, and you really need it in a school year. The trips don’t come that often nowadays, so why not just have these days instead while you can. It’s not long till we all pass on and it all becomes a thing of the past, and we want to have these experiences to really relish later on.

At the end, it was one of the most awesome days ever had in GBS, and it has got to be one remembered by all students and teachers alike. Nearly everyone let go, and everyone had fun 😀



Holocaust: An ode to live on

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They took away our freedom
And took all my rights.
They tore my national flag,
Along with my will to fight.

Our trade was ruined,
Our synagogues were burnt.
They dumped us in Ghettos;
Our ‘lesson’ was learnt.

They took us to their camps,
And starved us to death.
We did all their labour
Till we were all out of breath.

Then, we went to Auschwitz;
In the biting, cold weather.
No clothes to wear, no food to eat;
No families could stick together.

All our belongings were taken;
All our heads, shaved bald.
They kept us in their camps
Till one day, we were called;

The gas chamber greeted us,
We entered in packs.
Our lungs searing, we slowly departed
Our corpses then thrown out in sacks.

It’s hard to imagine, one man
Could inflict such severe pain.
But even if now he’s at his apex,
Someday, his powers will wane.

By Shirin Choudhary

So it’s countdown time to the ‘Fete’ now, and there are a lot of different ideas coming through from all sides. I’m also going to be part of a stall, and I hope you guys do come over there. Mind you, not just for staring at my ugly face, but actually play a couple of games. These days won’t come every year, so let’s just enjoy ourselves to the hilt, or do you want to study on that day too? As for the food stalls- we eat food every day, so what’s the big deal in wasting your money on them, right? 😉

With news trickling through that the hols have been lengthened, the fete is now on the last day of school. A perfect end to the year, a big year for most, a moderate one for the less fortunate. By the way, Tushar played with the idea of opening a stall with me and calling it ‘Tushar and Nitesh—A Stall inside GBS’…… On my part, I played with the idea of having Barney Stinson shirts as gifts, but we both decided to scrap them.

The stalls are completely free for the students this year, and so there are a lot more than usual being set up. Every class has at least a couple of stalls being put up, which may end up being a problem in the end. There will be more competition for spots, and in the end, it will all come down to who has the most attractive gifts nah. After all, who wants to go to a stall, and pay money for a chance to get …… stationary?!

For that one, come to our stall please guys. I believe you’re going to enjoy playing for the things we’re offering at least. 😉

Sorry for being a publicity freak like this. I only have one job in this particular venture, and that’s to make sure people come over here and los… enjoy themselves to the hilt! 😀

Even after the dust settles down on GBS, there will be a lot of memories for people to take away. I’m not talking about the fete now, it’s the year as a whole. It was a MAJOR one for me, for reasons I wouldn’t really care to divulge. But as we go on, we’ll always want to come back and live these moments all over again, so stop any moaning and learn to live your life out loud. Perhaps you’ll actually enjoy it for a change 🙂

Ohhh, by the way…. I’ve been thinking of putting a Santa up on the site. What say guys?