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By the way, Tushar is getting pissed off coz people are asking him why he isn’t writing more articles. This piece was his idea, and major credits to him please.

Arjun Kumar

I am in Eco class. Bored. Prachal and Angad are leaning over me. Blocking the light. Can’t see. It is difficult to write with them disturbing me. This is a typical GBS class. Economics, the science of getting bored.

Prachal is saying “Tera hain, tera hain!!” Vibhor is copying my mind-blowing hand written awesome literary paragraph. Shrey is reading what I wrote. Shubham is worried about his 160GB small hard drive.

N – Naughty
I – Idiot
T – Tepu
E – Extremely something
S – Shameless
H – Harami (Hitler too)

I knew a naughty boy. He was a total idiot. Didn’t study English at all and used to tepufy all the time. He is vella, and does crazy things at times.

Hence, he is extremely something. Where something = tharki! He is a shameless bas****, who treats his sisters as good as girlfriends 🙂 (I sooooo wanted to edit this, but didn’t!—-Nitesh)

I conclude: Hence, he is a harami 😀

An original masterpiece by Arjun the Great 😀

(I’m not putting that signature up 😛 —–Nitesh)

Vibhor Verma

—> I am in eco class. Bored.

—> Prachal and Angad are leaning over me. Blocking the light. Can’t see. It is difficult to write with them disturbing. This is a typical GBS class. Economics, the science of ge…….Arjun hid his paper -.-

Well, Nitesh is stretching.
Now, he is whistling.
Now, he smiled at me and is giving a drum beat.
He is laughing at what Arjun wrote.
He just read my blog for the day.

T – Tidy
U – Uninvited guest
S – Shameless
H – Hafta maangta hain
A – Arrogant
R – Rascal

I have known Tushar for a year now, and at first he caught my eye as a very quiet and sweet boy. As we sat through our first UT, he didn’t help me at all and I failed getting 7.5/30 😛

Well, now I’ve got to know the white devil and we’ve become quite good friends after a while. You might not know, but when we have chem practical he always, and I literally mean ALWAYS has 2-3 extra labcoats. THANK GOD FOR SUCH AN ANGEL. He lately started a new blog with Nitesh, and I hope this is good enough to make it on there. Tushar scared me half to death by saying that he published ‘Linkups part 3’, putting me in a gay relationship with someone. Of course, this turned out to be fake, and the news, fake too….


Hey, it’s me Mahima. I came to GBS in 4th class, and you know, there is something really special about this school. I have always loved coming here, maybe it’s all my friends who have made my life so special. I may be prefect, but you see it doesn’t really work out that well. I’ve got some wonderful friends, starting from our very class SS1B 🙂

Ashlay Thomas – total vella, Varnika – ever-smiling, Vibhor – Chashmish, Angad Kumar – Susti, Deepankar – Dabangg Dabangg, Arjun Kumar – Total weirdo, Ujjvala – Totally huge [Oyeeeee, her words, not mine O:)——Nitesh]Lakshay – Gorgeous [Again, not mine——Nitesh]Prachal – busy person, Ankitesh – non-stop Bak-Bakiya, Amodini – Cream powder. And I, me and myself – total mad!

Yes, I do agree to that last one, but still whatever, it’s thanks to all of you for making my life beautiful 🙂

And back to Nitesh

Well, that wasn’t anything much, as such. Except for Mahima’s, that is. I had to put up SOMETHING about the school, didn’t I?!

So Arjun has written some quite pleasing names about me. I had to edit a couple of them, and you can ask the dear Discipline Prefect yourself on what he wanted me to publish. I had told him and Vibhor that they could write absolutely anything about the school, on their friends, their life, whatever. They took it a bit too literally….

If you want to put something up yourselves, please do write in to us. Or just come up to me in school and give it, or do whatever you want to get it to us. After that, well, I’ve become known as the ‘Chat Stalker’, and I’ll make sure that GBS’ites read your work 🙂

BTW, I do hope that you didn’t get too fond of their writings. I had to force the two idiots to write them, coz I wanted SOMETHING from my two best friends on here! You’ll still have to bear with me on most other days though O:)