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Been free after many days, all work done and now writing a blog for T&N. This isn’t my first attempt of blogging but yes writing for the first time for somebody else on a topic-specific blog. I must say that blogging is a great way to unwind and get to the people. And this blog (N&T) is surely famous for it’s top class content and positive approach shown by the two. Hope some tenth-ies have got help from it.

I don’t care who reads this particular thing but just wrote it for my satisfaction. There have been some questions as to why the other half (Tushar) has been so silent. That’s annoying but we should consider the fact that everyone is not a master-blogger who can earn $200 in 5 months [Correction-3 and a half—–Nitesh] and has a super-fast mental output capacity of 100 words per minute 😉 . Sorry for wandering off to irrelevant things and coming back to the topic or rather the purpose of this blog: school. As of 13th December 2011, I have completed 5 years 5 months and 3 days in GBS. That shows I’m relatively inexperienced (according to me) in this school as compared to my other friends who have spent (or will be spending) 14 years in this school. Despite of this inexperience GBS has given me some things which maybe I couldn’t find in any other school and I can proudly say that I study in GBS.

Through the years I have made some good friends here and I can confidently say that Tushar has been the best of the lot. Not best friend as I don’t consider anyone as so but ya, a better friend. It’s only 8 months since I have known him and there are numerous fond memories that would be hard to forget in my life. Tushar, remember the best of it?:

“Be more original next time” 😀

He was going to kill me after this. If I hadn’t known this guy then I wouldn’t have known Rocky and the above lines wouldn’t have been said.

Nitesh is a great guy. It was because of him that I’m blogging. Very considerate with a good sense of humour (everyone knows) [No ones know 😛 —–Nitesh]. He has the key to score marks in English (give it to me) and in each UT this time I found him sitting idle for the last 10 minutes. How the hell can you write so fast??? You don’t blog using a pen.

I’ve come across many kinds of creatures in GBS, and the most annoying one – myself – a pessimistic, atheist and non-socializing bas****. No matter why you can’t find me on FB. I keep my account deactivated.

Now I’m running out of fuel, ideas and enthusiasm. So would only say that friends, send blogs to these guys and make it a wonderful site to visit. It is a very positive approach and N&T, keep it up!

Concluding thought:

It is not important how hard you get hit, but how you can get up after being hit. (hahahaahahahaha :D. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

by Sougata Bag