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Holocaust: An ode to live on

Posted: December 23, 2011 by Nitesh in Shirin
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They took away our freedom
And took all my rights.
They tore my national flag,
Along with my will to fight.

Our trade was ruined,
Our synagogues were burnt.
They dumped us in Ghettos;
Our ‘lesson’ was learnt.

They took us to their camps,
And starved us to death.
We did all their labour
Till we were all out of breath.

Then, we went to Auschwitz;
In the biting, cold weather.
No clothes to wear, no food to eat;
No families could stick together.

All our belongings were taken;
All our heads, shaved bald.
They kept us in their camps
Till one day, we were called;

The gas chamber greeted us,
We entered in packs.
Our lungs searing, we slowly departed
Our corpses then thrown out in sacks.

It’s hard to imagine, one man
Could inflict such severe pain.
But even if now he’s at his apex,
Someday, his powers will wane.

By Shirin Choudhary