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Annual Function 2011 report, mazeee hi aa gaye ! :D

Posted: November 26, 2011 by Nitesh in Moumita, Nitesh

Hii everyone, and welcome to what you may call a report of the Annual Function 2011. I mean, it’s not exactly a report, and it sure as hell isn’t the best one, but as it’s the ONLY one, so you poor guys will just have to be happy with this. If you want to wait for the school to put up the official one on the portal, then please, be my guest. With the way things are going, it will probably be a student who writes that one too! O:)

Moumita — Some class in 12th

Cheers, applause, whoot, everybody. It’s my debut here. But amidst this excitement there’s sorrow, it’s a sad day in the ecstasy of today. People bragging about their respective acts, no words of appraisal, criticism, ANYTHING for us!! MASHAL DANCE!

So what if it’s nowhere close to that….so what if it’s the same step being iterated in every possible position? 😀 Nevertheless, it’s not just a dance for anybody who’s a part of GBS; it’s a time when the entire school acts in an independent and forthright manner. And the most marvelling thing is the dedication behind the cribbing part. The convivial atmosphere, the hullabaloo, the mess, the fun in pulling each other’s leg is just the icing on the cake. We enjoyed the moment, coz it’s a rare occasion. Who else would know it better than us, the twelthies? 😥

And special mention for the pyramids. You people were this close to being the show stealers and then we came 😀 Koi nahi, second best, second best.

Moumita 😉

Nitesh – Who cares anyway?

And so the Annual day was finally held today after two weeks of scrambled practising and getting our acts together. Oops sorry, the ‘Annual Sports and Cultural Meet 2011’, for the misery brigade out there hell bent on killing me off. In the end, it went off well enough. Everything was on the verge of collapse, yet everything looked like it was on the brink of splendour. If you think that I’m going to go and praise each dance separately, sorry, but I’m not that great a liar. But please do take it as ‘I’m not that vella’. 😉

The dances looked great enough. I suppose you could have pushed the function further back so as to showcase it really properly under the spotlights, but somehow that wasn’t part of the planning. At least today, the students knew where they were supposed to be, and there were no people wandering around with a lost expression on their faces. Nearly everyone knew their roles, and it went off quite smoothly. If you messed up in your dance, I’m damn pissed off at you. Couldn’t you have done it in front of me?! Nah, seriously, it won’t be that big a deal. Your friends won’t let you forget it, but then, when do they ever??….

Some people looked pretty good in their costumes, and really put on a great show. But there were some who were so self-conscious that it showed through big-time. Well, I can’t really comment on this topic, with the pyramid gang looking more like Snow White, rather than the dwarfs we were aiming to copy with our antics behind the curtains. Shite, everyone had soo much fun today, and no one really wants it to end. But don’t become all senti now guys, school life has to go on.

The 11th bamboo dance nearly never happened, with their costumes only arriving at school an hour before their performance. I’m not sure where so many people changed at once, but I don’t suppose that the parents found using the toilets any easier. They pulled the dance off quite well in the end, and were quite near to being the second-best act of the day. But of course, quite near doesn’t quite cut it at GBS. The best act? Ask any student out there EXCEPT A 12THIE, and you’ll know it was the pyramids. But coz I can’t praise myself on here due to some jealous folks, let’s just give the following awards.

Legendary Act – Pyramids 😀

1st runner-up – Mashal dance (12th)

2nd runner-up – I think it was the Bamboo one (11th), honestly!

You can also interchange the runner-ups if you want, I don’t really care about that. Both were equally good, and I just gave it to the 12thies, just coz they didn’t throw the fire in my face!

And one more thing…absolutely no student brought a cell phone….. 😉