About Us

Hi guys 🙂

Tushar Singh and Nitesh Padhi over here. If you already know us, great. If you were somehow living in the stone ages and haven’t got wind of us, then no worries yet. You’ve come to the right place,  and we hope that we can live up to your expectations 🙂
We will, for now, be blogging about general topics, and we hope that you join in to our discussions. It’s a humble start, and we’re all in the same boat.

Contact us at

Nitesh:- niteshpadhi@gmail.com

Tushar:- tusharsinghbodwal@hotmail.com

If you want to submit an article for the blog too, please don’t hesitate at all. Like I said, this is a school blog, and you have every right on what is posted on here. Just type out your article and send it to me either as an MS word file or as part of the actual email.




Please do give me 24 hours to reply to any email. So no getting pissed off at me, and none of all that other emotional torture please! 😀

  1. Sarat Nair says:

    Thode gossip vossip sunao 😉

  2. chandrima says:

    seriously i appreciate you peoples effort.live upto to ur blog name and keep updating us about inside news 😉

  3. sneha barua says:

    ur blogs r seriously sumthin worthwhile 2 read…:-))

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