Lost Glory – a hole in someone’s past [Part 3]

Posted: April 29, 2012 by Nitesh in Nitesh
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The latest part of my series. Hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it. Cheers 🙂


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Jacob slowly made his way through the shallow marshes, which seemed to be even slimier than the villagers had told him. He nearly went down once when his foot slipped off the path and went into the water. Fortunately, he reached out and grabbed hold of a tree-root just in time and pulled himself up. His jeans were ruined, but he wasn’t going to visit the drycleaners anytime soon anyway…

Jacob studied the map in his hand. It seemed pretty straightforward, telling him to go straight through the marsh, and whatever happens, never ever stray from the path. As long as he could tell, he was still on the right track, but with the sun setting down, he couldn’t stay out in the open much longer. Best to pitch his tent on the side of the track and wait until daybreak. The area around him wasn’t renowned for much wildlife, but then again, it was renowned for being the most haunted place on the dying Earth.

As Jacob sat there unpacking the kettle, flashes of his memory passed through him. The only thing he remembered about his mother was her in the kitchen, ferociously working the roller and moving pans in and out from the oven. She used to give him a nibble or two of her muffins sometimes, but not much, because his teeth hadn’t grown by that time. He remembered the delicious smell that came from her and her apron, but beyond that, his memory of his mother was a complete blur.

It felt exasperating, not having any solid memory of her to hold on to. But Jacob did know one thing, and that was that his father loved Isabelle more than his life, and that Adrian was alive till now only because he had to care for her offspring. It killed him to see his father like this, and Jacob remembered the last time when he had brought up talk about his mother. His father had suddenly seemed to grow old before his eyes, and he firmly refused to discuss what had happened that fateful winter of 1997. Thinking about all this, Jacob dozed off right there, with his head resting against an old tree-trunk, oblivious to the night-sounds and the dark forces which hovered around him.


Adrian had never let slip details about Isabelle’s death, but the town-folk were always up for a meaty rumour or two. Talk spread around the town about the sheriff’s villa being haunted, that dark forces roamed the grounds when all but the mortal were in their beds. Adrian never denied these rumours, but he didn’t dare add to them by commenting himself. He wanted Jacob to grow up in a care-free environment, free from the inquisitive and forbidding eyes of the town folk.

There wasn’t a single day when he didn’t miss his wife, not a single day when he didn’t think about Isabelle O’Conner. They had both decided to take their relationship to the next level the year they graduated from the University of Casavania. Both of them were quite young when Jacob was born, Isabelle 22 and Adrian barely 23 years of age.

Adrian was hoping that he would never have to see it again, but grudgingly, this wasn’t the time to let his fears rule over him. He climbed up to the attic and roamed his sight, looking for the box which he knew was there. He saw it by itself in a corner, away from the damp of the lake. That was queer; he definitely remembered putting it with the rest of the stuff under the porthole window. Ah well, what was inside that box was nowhere close to normal anyway.

Opening the box slowly, he felt the same awe that he had felt 15 years ago, when it had appeared in the house, lying across Isabelle’s corpse. The jewels hadn’t lost their glow even now, and the handle was still made of the most marvelous steel there could be in the world. The sword was still there, and its time had arrived.


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  1. Arjun Kumar says:

    LUV THE ENDING !! bomb lekha ha yar, i wanna read another thriller series like this 😀 !!! ull become a gr8 writer one day 😀

  2. vibhor says:

    now you can ask arjun to make it into a movie! 😀

  3. Shrey says:

    another piece of art by u……..keep it up…….!!!!!!!!

  4. THRILLING! and i agree with arjun …. Ending mast hai! 😀

  5. Mrinal says:

    Thrilled. 🙂

    Padhai chhor, book likh! 😀 😛

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