The Story of a Nincompoop – a teenage boy’s obsession [Part 3]

Posted: April 27, 2012 by Nitesh in Lakshay Arora

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Strangers till yesterday,

Acquaintances today,

Friends now.

As they entered their class, they saw their friends watching them. The expression was clear on their faces;  they had got a new topic on which they could gossip. Now from here on, the newsm or I should say the PROBLEM starts. The news of a guy talking to a girl spreads in a much more faster rate than a fire in a school building. The people around you just can’t bear to see a girl and a boy with each other talking and giggling. Thinking about this noble (bitter) truth, the smiles vanished from their visages as soon as they saw their friends and just rushed down to their seats and their school routine starts.

The day started normally, with the chattering and bustling of children around them. All children were waiting for their Chemistry teacher. He was also chatting with his friends, yet with his eyes somewhere else. He was physically talking, but mentally was gazing SOMEWHERE else; he was in his own thoughts. But his pool of thoughts was damped by the teacher who came from nowhere carrying her skin-coloured handbag which was matching with her outfit with plenty of files in her hand. The class started and his thoughts shredded. The other three classes of the first half passed in the same fashion. At the end of the 4th period, he was yawning like a dog after a good sleep and was repeatedly looking at his watch waiting for this decade-long physics class to finally end. Only one thought was grooming in his mind, that when this period would over he could go and ask her to share his lunch with him.

The bell rang. He came back to his conscious state and heard the last sentence made by teacher before leaving. She said,” Do questions from the book based on today’s lecture and submit tomorrow.” After hearing this he cursed himself for not paying attention that time in the class, but later he just took that easily and thought of asking his coaching classes’ teacher about that topic. Thinking about this, he went for his lunch box and amazed to see that his lunch box had already gone missing. He looked sideways and saw his friends were fighting for his lunch box, about who’ll eat that. Before he could reach there and react to that, he saw his lunch box empty and cleaned as if there was never anything in it. It took maximum 5-6 seconds and BOOM! All food inside it was gone into the truck -size stomachs of his friends and they moved on in search of another box or I should say, Another Target!

The thought of sharing his lunch with her was ruined by his BELOVED friends. He with his sad face was looking at his luncheon and felt like whacking every friend’s head against the wall. Then in an angry and sad mood, he put his lunch box back into his bag and saw a hand coming with a box full of Mars chocolates into it. She was holding that box with a tempting smile on her face. It was her birthday today. He with a surreal expression asked stupidly, “Thanks! Your birthday today?” She replied in the affirmative. He wished her and took one of those. She, with that tempting smile, moved on to give those chocolates to other classmates.

When she was gone, he was staring at the chocolate. 12th July is the date he has to never forget, he thought. With this thought, he fed this date in his mind. The rest of the classes went as smooth as a wave. When he got home he was still thinking of that only and this continued into his coaching classes. He was listening to those lectures, yet his memory stored 0%. At night, it was much the same condition, and he finally dozed off thinking of her and as expected he dreamed of her in his dream……..

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