Lost Glory – a hole in someone’s past [Part 2]

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The second part of my hopefully-a-thriller series. Enjoy it guys.


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Adrian still remembered the first time he had set eyes on Jacob’s mother. Isabelle and he were fresh out of school and had both joined the local university. Looking at her, Adrian knew that he had found the one for him, not because she was blonde, but because she just was the one. He remembered their first date as if it was only yesterday. He had taken her up to the patio of their university one autumn evening, where his friends had gone out of their way to make it a great setting with candles and all. Every moment with her seemed like a moment lost, but he refused to believe that he had lost her for good. Her soul still rested in the house they had bought together off their meager income, the house Jacob and he were currently living in..

Her death shocked the entire town. Isabelle was well known in the locality for her marvelous muffins, which she catered out of the house. The circumstances of her death were never disclosed to the public, because Adrian wished some parts of her life to remain personal. He didn’t want it to become a witch’s tale, he wanted the town to always remember her as the young, sweet and selfless Isabelle she was.

It was the year of 1997, the 17th day of the month of December, Jacob’s second birthday. It was a particularly chilly winter that year, with the whole of Casavania snowed under. It was then that the strange things started happening around the house. Trees started uprooting themselves, the birds stopped flying down to their porch for the seeds Isabelle laid out for them, smoke could be seen coming out of the chimney without anyone lighting a fire underneath it. It seemed like a spirit had taken over the house, but it didn’t occur to anyone then that the young boy in the house was the one.

Then, a week later, the thing happened. Adrian woke up to a sound downstairs at an ungodly hour, when all but the dead should have been sleeping. He got up to investigate, sure that it must have been yet another one of those infernal owls which haunted their roof. They were one of the drawbacks to the otherwise-perfect house. Adrian didn’t mind; the local birdlife was pretty frequent in these parts, and you grew used to them after a while.

As he walked down the stairs, Adrian looked out of the window and was struck at the beauty of the night. The moon was out in full glory, there was no breeze, no wind, and not a single thing moved. The moonlight glistened off the tree-tops, making them look as if they had been freshly washed. Adrian nearly went back to wake Isabelle up and share it with her, when the sound occurred again, but from the kitchen now.

Adrian cursed himself for not having brought his revolver with him. He always had it on his person, and the one bloody time he did not, a burglar apparently has stolen into his kitchen. Well, he couldn’t go back now, the burglar would get away. Best to just startle the bloody person and give him a good solid thunk over the head with something. Adrian picked up the poker from the fireplace, and slowly made his way to the kitchen door and put his hand on the doorknob when all hell broke loose.

A bright, yet completely black light glowed from the kitchen, and SOMETHING broke through the door. Adrian never got a look at the thing, before something slimy hit him from behind. As he went down, the only thing going through his mind was “Please not them”…

Adrian never saw Isabelle after that night, except her corpse. The next morning when he went up to the room on regaining consciousness, he witnessed a scene straight from hell. The place had been ransacked and a dark circle been drawn around the bed on which young Jacob lay. There was no sign of his mother, and Adrian screamed aloud with agony. Her corpse reappeared on that exact bed a week later, but by then that room had been shut down, Adrian wishing to have no further use for it. There were no marks of external injury on her body, and the post-mortem didn’t reveal anything inside her either. It was as if something had passed through her, and she hadn’t survived it…

Going back to the kitchen with the boy to clean him up and give him some water, he had seen the words. ‘She has been claimed’ were plastered on the cream walls, and Adrian nearly strangled himself right there.

Wincing, Adrian felt the small of his back where he still had the scar from that night. It refused to heal or go away, always staying there as the dark spot on his fair skin. It was as if something evil had touched him, but not penetrated through. He just wished that it had finished with him and not taken Isabelle. But then, he had to live for his boy and protect him. It was obvious now that there was something special about him, maybe even godly, but what it was eluded him. The only thing he could do was nurture him and show him the trades of the world, hoping that one day it would all become clear to him.

But now, Jacob had disappeared too, but Adrian couldn’t bear to feel as useless all over again as on the night of Isabelle’s death. He understood that some dark force was acting on his family, but he couldn’t just bear to stand down and let everything around him pass him by. The fact that the anomaly had used ‘IT’ for Jacob rather than referring to his boy as HIM and so a human being was strange, and may hold some clue. Whatever it was, Adrian couldn’t bear to let his one child go away, just like he could barely bear the death of his love. He had survived Isabelle being taken away just because he had her child to take care of, but not now. Now, something had to go, and it wouldn’t be his son.


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