The Story of a Nincompoop – a teenage boy’s obsession

Posted: April 6, 2012 by Nitesh in Lakshay Arora
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People may remember The Story of a Teenager that I had published over the course of a few weeks. But here is the very article that inspired me to write that story. He’s one of my best friends, and all I can say is that I’m glad someone considers this site big enough to share his story on it. So cheers to life, and remember people, anyone can post an article, even if you wish to remain Anonymous. — Nitesh


Once there was a guy who was like very reserved and boring. He had friends but not many. He used to talk with them but only on topics based on academics. Yet he was only an average students in academics. He didn’t have any laurels, no achievements, nothing. He was somehow a bit surreal. He was just in his own thoughts most of the time. He didn’t have a friend with whom he can share his thoughts but longs for one. He observed many boys and girls hanging out together and wished to have one girl for him. He was very shy type so he was not able to talk to any girl and if he gets to talk to any of them he stumbles while talking. He didn’t know how to start the conversation or what to talk with a girl, he just started stammering. Going to his appearance he was not that bad, hair coming till his forehead even if he combed his hair literary, long beard, a little corpulent, with almost six feet tall and a muscular body.

But then God seemed to be delighted with him. One day he met a girl, and you could call it an accident. Once in class, he was sitting with his friend and it was a free period and she came and sat down on the bench which is in front of where they are sitting. She came not for him but for his friend beside him to ask a question. And his friend was almost like him, basically shy but more intelligent than him.

As the guy observed, she smelled like freshly grown strawberries and rose. He wondered if she always smelled like that or if it was some kind of special perfume. Every time she blinked, he was compelled to look at her. Even though they both were in the same class but he had never noticed her from that angle. Yet now he was perplexed to see her. She was pretty, no doubt about that. His friend was not able to solve that question and then she asked him if he could help her with that question. This time, don’t know why, he didn’t stumble and contrived to answer that question easily. That time he felt very grateful. Afterwards, she thanked him and gave him a sweet smile.

After that, the three of them joined others who were playing a game called Dumb Charades in which one member of a team acts the name of a movie given by other team, that has to be guessed by his team in a specific time….Idiotic game! That’s what that boy thinks but yet he was playing that game because today he was happy as he met somebody he had never met before.

Then he started talking to her on a well-known social networking site, Facebook, even though she was added in his friend list some 2-3 years ago. Now he regularly started talking to her on Facebook and didn’t know from where now, but he was getting all those more topics to talk to her. A feeling of what you may call a LIKING for that girl started within him. But he was still oblivious from it, and he just started to enjoy talking to her. As days passed, he was taking a very keen interest in talking to her. After a while, he asked her for her mobile number and as expected, she gave it to him and then it seemed that a new era of communicating with her had commenced for him. He spent many sleepless nights thinking about her, and when he lied down to sleep, most of the time he dreamed of her only.

by Lakshay Arora

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