The tale of a teenager’s love – how he got where he wanted [Part 3]

Posted: April 2, 2012 by Nitesh in Nitesh
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In a time not akin ours, with people not unlike us, there was a teenager not unlike us. This is the story of how he found his life, his love, and how he went on to get what he wanted even when no one would have expected it from him. This isn’t an autobiography; it’s rather a hopefully heartwarming story which drew inspiration from my life. There are a couple of instances from my life, but each love part is not taken from anywhere, and IS FICTIONAL!


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He felt ditched. Reason left him; how the hell could she not come in front of him?!

But as is the case with teenage boys, he got over this quickly enough. A week after that, he was jumping around like a spring chicken, oblivious to the worries of the world. It’s been said that true inspiration comes from a broken heart, but what about the inspiration when a load has been taken off your back? On top of that, it’s not like we teenage boys are the fastest at anything, are we? Hell, if we had a competition over this, I guess frogs would be more romantic than us.

Every single person nowadays has someone with whom they’ve fixed a song as ‘their’ song. In this period of time, he started listening to that song over and over again, and was shocked at how idiotic that song sounded to him. He tried to hear it again to find out why he had liked the song in the first place, but all rationality had left him. He changed his songs, but more importantly, he just gave a couple of tweaks to his life.

School life passed him by; after all, which kid his age would want to get up every day in the morning and think ‘yes, we’re going to start this chapter today!”? It was like it was always going to be. As long as you left the system alone, the system would not gobble you up. But there was something wrong with the way he felt towards school life. He started looking at life within those boundaries as just an intermediary to the larger picture, as just a stepping-stone towards the real world outside. I guess that’s actually the right way of thinking, but come on, which kid among us doesn’t want to go to school every day if only to meet his friends and have fun? Leaving aside some of the ‘un-social’ kids, if you may, but then, he wasn’t having any problems in that regard.

It wasn’t like he didn’t talk to girls at all. Earlier, you’ve already been told of his brief fling when he was all of 13 years old. But as is the case with most children of his age, it was never going to go on, and these two just drifted apart over time.

Perhaps he just didn’t consider himself ready enough to be drawn into this net of relationships. He had heard a lot of comments from people around him about how difficult it is to sustain a long relationship with someone, and some very hurtful comments towards their ex’es. And it horrified him that some situations can occur which can make someone think about another being in that way. I guess that was the reason he just made up his mind that he wasn’t big enough and man enough to take care of a special someone for a long time. He preferred to go about his life as it were, keeping everyone happy while not taking it any further.

He went to tuition, but it just wasn’t the same now. He missed the fact that earlier, he actually had someone to stare at when everything being taught in class was zooming right over him. The rest of his gang were fun enough, but something just felt missing. That did not mean that they didn’t have fun in class, joking with the teachers and spreading the gossip around them. These are the small little things which can make the most boring of things worthwhile, and he fell right back into it.

And then one day, his gang and he reached tuition early, and they went inside early because the helper was watering the pavement outside. Most of them were in a good mood then; it was a glorious day with a chance of rain in the next couple of hours. There were still 15 minutes or so left for the class to start, so they just started to do anything which came in their mind. After drawing faces of Scooby-Doo, Powerpuff Girls and a couple of other Cartoon characters which came in their minds, they started to mess with their own hairstyles, asking others just how big an idiot they looked like. And just when he had managed to make up his hair in such a way that half of it came into his eyes  and it was all standing out like a porcupine’s from the side, she walked in….

Imagine the expression on the poor guy’s face. Not the best second first-impression anyone would want to have on someone he was attracted to, was it? But he quickly regained his composure and included her in the fun. Though he seemed solid enough at the outset, a cold feeling had crawled up his spine. He had let go with such difficulty, but now that she was in front of him, the world just seemed a bit messed-up to his adolescent mind.

In the break, he again kind of ditched his friends to stay back with her and talk. With the pretext of catching up, they went on a long walk of the nearby areas, as far away as possible from the study centre that could be acceptable in those 25 minutes.

Remember the piles of concrete or whatever it is that looks a lot like sand, which you always see near any place where construction is going on? Sometimes the smallest of things, however irrelevant they may seem, are the biggest things possible in a normal person’s life, and you just can’t help yourself but try to climb over it and feel like a circus performer. That was the day he first held her hand, supporting her as she climbed over the huge pile out of childish want.


  1. aradhya says:

    i didnt lyk it….. i loved it…..:)

  2. Moumita says:

    couldnt help Auw-ing 🙂
    cute story 🙂

  3. Better than part 2…keep it up!

  4. 2 words for you pal –
    Alleviatingly Awe – inspiring!
    Keep up the colossal work!

  5. sabita says:

    Hmm, Like I said I loved it, but the only thing that’s killing me is the title, other than that, it’s amajing. 😀

  6. disha says:

    it indeed was very nice
    i liked the way its taking shape
    and more so i luved th comparison b/w frogs & boys 😛 🙂

  7. This part is the best one 🙂
    i really liked it 🙂

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