The tale of a teenager’s love – how he got where he wanted [Part 2]

Posted: March 29, 2012 by Nitesh in Nitesh
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In a time not akin ours, with people not unlike us, there was a teenager not unlike us. This is the story of how he found his life, his love, and how he went on to get what he wanted even when no one would have expected it from him. This isn’t an autobiography; it’s rather a hopefully heartwarming story which drew inspiration from my life. Yes, there are a couple of instances from my life, but each love-part is not taken from anywhere, and IS FICTIONAL!


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Yes, it wasn’t the best of starts for him, but honestly, which teenager would care when he can get to sit with his crush like that? Some can go all high heaven for a chance to do so. And of course, the best part of Truth & Dare was to pair someone with his or her crush.

Soon after that, he had a fight with his mom over the dishes. He had eaten his sister’s birthday cake and forgotten to put it back into the fridge. It wasn’t anything big enough to fight over, but his mind really wasn’t in it. His mother sensed that he wasn’t listening to her, and further prodded him. Brought back from his daydreams, he snapped back at her, exasperated by everything going on in his life. One thing led to another, and he found himself trudging off all alone to his room for some privacy. He went there, sat down on the floor, and promptly started daydreaming.

Next day, he again got ready for school, but his mood just wasn’t in it. Games at school went some way to taking his mind off things, and he acted like a lunatic all day. His friends didn’t mind; as long as they got their dose of entertainment, why would they care about whatever madness he did? His mind wasn’t on studies all day, but I guess that could be said about half the school. It was a glorious day outside; the sun was out in its full-glory, yet there was that cool little breeze blowing which made every teenager’s head go crazy. You know the things you daydream about when you’re sitting in the middle of the exam hall with absolutely nothing to do. It was somewhat along the same lines, with the exception that he wasn’t really thinking about what to do with his friends like the rest of us normally would have.

Till now, he had fair falling all over his head in a heap. He didn’t really care about it before, but suddenly he started paying attention to his face and everything else that, you know, isn’t like normal guys. He combed down his hair, he spiked it up, he tried absolutely every possible kind of hairstyle. Exasperated, he nearly got a crew cut, but luckily someone talked him out of it. Such was his longing for her to notice him.

I’ve said that he was one of the more social kids of his age. He enjoyed talking to different people and sharing their problems, and if he could, try to give them solutions. But when he needed to have shared it with someone else, he preferred to clamp up and withdraw inside his shell. Some people can think over matters so much that they put themselves into a bad mood. His friends weren’t idiots; they did know that something was wrong. To see the clown of their gang suddenly sitting in his seat alone when the rest of the class was enjoying themselves in a substitution just wasn’t right. He wasn’t going to get away with his drama anyway; this is India, you know. Friends just cant let each other stay in a bad mood for long, and somehow or the other he cheered up and went about his life.

All that day and the next, he tried to draw out a plan as to how he could go up to her and actually talk to her. He did decide on his opening line, the topics he could talk over with her, and absolutely everything that he would want to know about her. He reached the centre well ahead of time, put his books inside and came outside to stroll around the place, waiting for her. He just wanted to have a glimpse of her, no matter what it took. But she never came, not that day, not the next, not that week…


  1. disha says:

    …nd then
    wat happened to her
    im curious to noe
    nd nitesh u write really wel
    it wasnt appearing fictitios at all

    • Nitesh says:

      I’ll reveal that as time goes on. 🙂
      Thanks. I’m trying to do just that, where people can actually connect with it as part of their life in some small way 🙂

  2. Paras Juneja says:


  3. ankiteshkumar says:

    wud love to read the paper u wrt for man but it looks suspiciously like someone i kno who has insp the story 😉

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