Nitesh: An analysis of the School ‘Fun Day’, or ‘mini-Fete’ ;)

Posted: December 24, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh
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So the school ‘Fun Day’ happened yesterday. I’d already told you that it would happen a week or so before it was announced, and I got some rather sceptical opinions of me making up stories. Have you got your answer now?

Yes, our stall was a success, and it raked in a whole lot of money. Perhaps a bit more than we were expecting at the start of the day, but hey, we’re not complaining! In the end, I lost around 300 rs worth of equipment, and my school jacket…… Uska to Monday ko hi dekh lenge 😉

But this blog post isn’t about any specific stall; it’s about the atmosphere as a whole. Days like this don’t come too often, and it’s not every year that students let themselves go like they did. It was a break from all the hectic nature of school-work, and it was a heartening gesture to see even the teachers get into the hang of things. Whether it be Anjali ma’am roaming around joking with the students, or Neelam ma’am coming and trying a hand at darts, they let things go easy, and ecstatic students took full advantage of this new-found freedom.

Some were just roaming about the field, looking at the numerous stalls and trying to get a hang of things before gambling on any game. Pretty wise tactics in fact, cos I’m pretty sure most pockets were empty by the end of the day. The food was apparently awesome, and the games were awesomer. You just couldn’t leave out anything; everything was genuine, and everything sparkled on the day.

Friends are a big part of how we shape up, and I saw it in all its magnificence. Pardon me for rambling on a bit about myself here….. When I went up to people, most of them listened out to me, and were actually enthusiastic when I finished. A couple of teachers also went on to say that I was one of the best salesmen they had ever met, and that my future lay in customer interaction or something like that. But there were a couple of students, who ignored my efforts to strike up any kind of a conversation with them, and were rather shrivelled-up. They need to really let go, but I moved on. No use worrying about things that you can’t do anything about, and no use worrying about people who you don’t want to interact with.

These ‘Fun Days’ / ‘mini-Fete’s’ need to come more often, and should be made an Annual feature, just like the Athletic meet and the Annual day function. These are the few days when students let it all go, and you really need it in a school year. The trips don’t come that often nowadays, so why not just have these days instead while you can. It’s not long till we all pass on and it all becomes a thing of the past, and we want to have these experiences to really relish later on.

At the end, it was one of the most awesome days ever had in GBS, and it has got to be one remembered by all students and teachers alike. Nearly everyone let go, and everyone had fun 😀



  1. padhi …if u were in santa dress … could have been much better…:P

  2. Sabita says:

    I had alot of fun yesterday, Sorry I couldn’t come to your stall. 😛

  3. Srishti says:

    well said i’d say…..n the mini-fete was indeed fun….i’d wish it could be monthly than annual 😛 XD

  4. varnika says:

    very well written actually!
    n yes ds so called funde ws pretty fun!! i to obv wl b lukin 4wrd 2 such thngs in gbs 🙂

  5. Vibhor Verma says:

    the fete was the awsomast!!!! 😛
    the best time i had in school! 😀
    and nice article…you really captured every detail! 🙂

  6. It was really fun yesterday..:)
    atleast kuch time to dia apne frndz ko 😛
    ur stal was awesome.! jeeto ya haro smiley ka batch to milega hee.:P 😉

    kash..every year this wuld happen..!! 🙂

  7. correction —- this shuld happen*

  8. shrey says:

    one day that should be mandatory as a co curricular activity….THE FUN DAY

    and well written padhi:-)

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