Naveen Sir: the best football coach GBS ever had :D

Posted: December 15, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh, Shimona
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Whenever I think about Naveen Sir, I remember his affectionate smile with the sparkle in his eyes. It was his simple and humble nature that made me and everyone else love and respect him.

We used to greet him saying ‘Jai Ram Ji Ki Sir’ and the way he replied always made our day. He called us ‘Gaon wale’ and in the true sense of it, we actually ARE that way. It’s the trademark of GBS footballers! 😛

Our school was very fortunate to have him as our football coach. But for reasons known to all ( :/ ), he left us…….

He’s the most amazing coach we ever had, and as a matter of fact probably the best anybody can ever have.

What I personally miss the most is the summer camp of 2009. We played with Indian International football players and a hell lot of fun. And the best part was, after so much of a workout, we used to go out and have chhanch and chole kulche and pappu ke samose! XD

It is because of Naveen Sir that the face and the spirit of football has changed in our school. The love we got from Sir can’t be expressed in words. He called us ‘Prabhu’, but in the real sense, sir, you are our ‘Prabhu’…. 🙂


Naveen Sir came to our school when the football side, at least, was in turmoil. It was considered the biggest achievement for us to win the zonals, and we would dream of a time when we could play in other grander fields. Now, we expect to win the zonals every year, and not doing so is a failure in itself.

His departure left a deep mark on the students, one from which most never truly recovered. From us ‘seniors’ to the lower grades, many students still talk of him fondly. We remember the coaching sessions he held for the smaller kids, and how he always somehow had ample time to give to everyone. I remember one instance when I was making a list with him; it was a normal school period and he had a class. We were walking along talking when suddenly he was absolutely mobbed from behind by the 2nd class girls and boys, who pushed him to the ground and rolled over him. When his face finally surfaced, it was beaming with joy, and though he complained of backache for a couple of days after that, you could see that he had enjoyed it.

He wasn’t just a coach for us, he was an awesome coach. We played our first home-away tournament in the Simla Youngs, and we went all the way to the finals under him. We were playing for our coach, and we enjoyed every bloody moment under his guidance 😀

  1. Sayak Barai says:

    Everyone will be absolutely agree with me that when naveen sir was our coach there was not a single tournament in which we were not 1st, 2nd or 3rd. In SYFC we were 2nd IN Zonal all the 3 categories were winners and in INTER ZONAL also.

    The way he coached us was just awesome. At last i wanna say that we miss u Sir. 😦 plz come back. we really need ur guidance. We want u back sir. 😥

  2. Riddhi says:

    i agree naveen sir ws the best futbol coach in gbs ….
    thnku sirrrrrrrrrr……………………

  3. anon says:

    Hi guys, I am from the class of 2004 and this post reminded me of our soccer days.we had keshav sir as our coach and under him the gbfc or the gyan bharati football club was formed.we did have a great team and our rivarly with don bosco used to bring out the best in us.sadly he left school in 2001 and the remaining 3 years were probably not the greatest we had in soccer.glad to know we are back on top.keep it up.

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