When people mocked my efforts to give a good G.S. speach :P

Posted: December 13, 2011 by Tushar Singh in Tushar

There have been many few instances for me to experience that what exactly happens in our G.S. class as I remained quite occupied with our house-boardwork in the initial classes.

The incident which I’m writing of is about one of these instances. We were given the topic “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what he learnt at school” to speak upon. This topic was quite vague to hear at first but after sometime it was easy to relate. Since it was my first class of G.S., I knew it by intuition that ma’am would call me to speak upon this topic for sure. Though children were being called according to their roll numbers, I somehow felt that ma’am would jump over to the second last roll number and call me. So I was all prepared to deliver an extempore speech.

Oh btw I forgot to mention that G.S. is our last period on Monday and that day I didn’t have anything to eat in the break due to which I was famished throughout the day. After 2 consecutive periods of maths I was in a state of euphoria and had a famished soul. The situation may sound antithetical but it was certainly like this only.

Well getting back to where I left. I was completely ready to give an extempore speech so it turned me quite inquisitive about what other people were writing. And when it came to speaking upon the topic, no one was able to speak fluently for more than 1 minute. But this didn’t perturb me in the least. I guess euphoria was the reason, but guys euphoria can sometimes lead to overconfidence. And what happened next is an epitome of it. I was called to speak upon this topic, and I stepped up with an incentive to deliver a rousing and flamboyant speech. After speaking for about 1 minute on this topic, I was left with nothing to speak about. Then ma’am asked me to speak upon how can one relate it to LIFE. Nothing clicked me for a few seconds and then suddenly out of nowhere I remembered a dialogue from the movie ‘Rocky Balboa’. There was  a little hindrance at first when I thought of speaking it, but then I turned audacious to make inhibitions stand alone and spoke the dialogue.

I said that “the world aint all sunshine and rainbows, its a very mean and a nasty place and it wont care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it aint about how hard you can hit. Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward how much you can take and keep moving forward.”

Suddenly ma’am stopped me and asked that from where did I copy it 😀 Matlab mu pe katta kar diya maam ne. HAHA! 😀

And out of nowhere Sougata uttered something and I understood that he must be knowing the dialogues which once I made him hear. So before he could speak out, I said that it was copied from Rocky 😀 The whole class bursted out laughing along with ma’am, including the fake laughter by some students just to embarrass me 😛 But I was hardly embarrassed. I enjoyed it too 😀

Then I started continuing from there on and the whole class started laughing again. I had to shout it out that “GUYS! This part isn’t copied” 😛 I dint realize the fact that saying it would result in a much more fierce laugh 😀

After a while, ma’am asked me to continue and I had to reply that “Ma’am! I feel mocked :D”. She started laughing and told me to get back to my seat. On my way back she said “Tushar! Next time please be original :P” HAHAHAHA! That was hilarious. And so was that G.S. class. In the end I forgot that how famished I was throughout the day and it unravelled the frivolous part of me,  ma’am and the the whole class 😀

  1. Sougata Bag says:

    Hahahahaahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be more original!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha! And you didn’t post Shrey’s blog?

  2. GS classes are always like that!! 😀 🙂
    and finally Tushar writes!!!! 🙂

  3. Vaibhavi Sobti says:

    I can well imagine the scene! Similar to Shikhar’s extempore in our class 😛

  4. shrey says:

    tushar u didnt put mine na …..tu to gaya!!!!!!!

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