Return of the blogs; GBS and it’s fire drills ! ;)

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

And so I return. I found it a bit pointless, kind of, to write during the exams as no one will be online to view them. Of course, the high and mighty 12thies didn’t have theirs, but I really didn’t want to waste my brains and hope that they’ll read them. But no offense 😉

One more thing before I go on. The 10th English paper had a writing piece with the Annual Function as the topic. So anyone who read my post would have been helped, a bit at least. See, I actually do write sense sometimes….

I have inside info that the school is going to have its fete this year, on the 24th of December. I can’t remember the last time it happened, probably in 2009, but it’s something that needs to be made annual, just like the Annual function. It’s one of those few days when the entire GBS turns out to have fun, just plain old-fashioned mockery with other schoolmates and your near ones. These days really promote self-unity and a hundred other aspects in a school-going kid, and honestly, I’m pretty sure everyone misses the fun we have. A school trip and a fete, are the two times of the year when everything you do goes, cos it’s with your friends, and the only thing you care about is having the most fun you can. [Please don’t ask me where I heard this, it was just passing through the junior school…..]

The euphoria of the Annual Day has completely died down now, and it’s back to the good old classrooms. The exams took a toll on the students, many of whom have become a lot more serious now, or at least I think. For example, someone I know studied throughout the night for an Economics paper, and went to sleep at 5.30. Idiotic lad, who really needs to sort his head out O:)

The fire drill was AWESOME! 😀 Like, we come out from our exams, and straightaway we’re Shuu’d away to the audi. Students must have been thinking something big must have happened, and many were apprehensive of the extra ‘assembly’. The ‘assembly’ turned out to be quite entertaining in the end, and you know the reasons why. I can’t write them here for fear of a school-day tomorrow, but I don’t think anyone’s going to forget that one in a hurry.

So the fire drill….. I’m pretty sure no one studied at the start of the 4th period, and there was actually a countdown to the ‘earthquake’. When the bell did go, GBS’ites did more than their share of the screaming and all, just to make the situation life-like. 5 or 6 students along with me were given stations to reach during the drill, where we had to shepherd the students towards the field. I’m pretty sure no one listened to us anyway, and we had to shout ourselves hoarse before getting to anyone out there. But the real comedy was some 3rd and 4th class students staying back. When I told them to move to the field, their reply— ‘Bhaiya, rehne do nah, earthquake dekhna hain!’ Poor kids didn’t even know it was supposed to be a drill, which made it a whole lot more surreal for us, and the excitement level was pretty cranked up.

So I’ll be back soon enough. Last UT tomorrow, hopefully everything goes well for you guys out there 🙂

Ohhh, and people, you do know that anyone can post on here? So please, send in your articles, suggestions, whatsoever to us. Either contact me or Tushar somewhere in school, or just visit the About Us page for more details. Now get contributing, tumhaara bhi school hain aakhir!


  1. 😀 😀 fire-drill was actually awesome…the tiny ones thought its actually an earthquake and got worried seeing some teachers ‘stuck’ on the second floor….
    the VP came to us and started with her ‘story-telling’ about ‘TSUNAMI’! and a 2nd class boy shouted ”earthquake aa gaya! earthquake!!!”

    fete can’t be on 24th! had it been then school-walas would have started with their ‘paisa-wasuli’ by now! 😉

  2. one more thing! some class of 8th was having their review at that time and they got ample amt of time to discuss their entire paper while running arnd cuz of the “earthquake” that happened! 😀 lucky them. and i heard mudita maam was in the class then! 😉

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