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So the school ‘Fun Day’ happened yesterday. I’d already told you that it would happen a week or so before it was announced, and I got some rather sceptical opinions of me making up stories. Have you got your answer now?

Yes, our stall was a success, and it raked in a whole lot of money. Perhaps a bit more than we were expecting at the start of the day, but hey, we’re not complaining! In the end, I lost around 300 rs worth of equipment, and my school jacket…… Uska to Monday ko hi dekh lenge 😉

But this blog post isn’t about any specific stall; it’s about the atmosphere as a whole. Days like this don’t come too often, and it’s not every year that students let themselves go like they did. It was a break from all the hectic nature of school-work, and it was a heartening gesture to see even the teachers get into the hang of things. Whether it be Anjali ma’am roaming around joking with the students, or Neelam ma’am coming and trying a hand at darts, they let things go easy, and ecstatic students took full advantage of this new-found freedom.

Some were just roaming about the field, looking at the numerous stalls and trying to get a hang of things before gambling on any game. Pretty wise tactics in fact, cos I’m pretty sure most pockets were empty by the end of the day. The food was apparently awesome, and the games were awesomer. You just couldn’t leave out anything; everything was genuine, and everything sparkled on the day.

Friends are a big part of how we shape up, and I saw it in all its magnificence. Pardon me for rambling on a bit about myself here….. When I went up to people, most of them listened out to me, and were actually enthusiastic when I finished. A couple of teachers also went on to say that I was one of the best salesmen they had ever met, and that my future lay in customer interaction or something like that. But there were a couple of students, who ignored my efforts to strike up any kind of a conversation with them, and were rather shrivelled-up. They need to really let go, but I moved on. No use worrying about things that you can’t do anything about, and no use worrying about people who you don’t want to interact with.

These ‘Fun Days’ / ‘mini-Fete’s’ need to come more often, and should be made an Annual feature, just like the Athletic meet and the Annual day function. These are the few days when students let it all go, and you really need it in a school year. The trips don’t come that often nowadays, so why not just have these days instead while you can. It’s not long till we all pass on and it all becomes a thing of the past, and we want to have these experiences to really relish later on.

At the end, it was one of the most awesome days ever had in GBS, and it has got to be one remembered by all students and teachers alike. Nearly everyone let go, and everyone had fun 😀




Holocaust: An ode to live on

Posted: December 23, 2011 by Nitesh in Shirin
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They took away our freedom
And took all my rights.
They tore my national flag,
Along with my will to fight.

Our trade was ruined,
Our synagogues were burnt.
They dumped us in Ghettos;
Our ‘lesson’ was learnt.

They took us to their camps,
And starved us to death.
We did all their labour
Till we were all out of breath.

Then, we went to Auschwitz;
In the biting, cold weather.
No clothes to wear, no food to eat;
No families could stick together.

All our belongings were taken;
All our heads, shaved bald.
They kept us in their camps
Till one day, we were called;

The gas chamber greeted us,
We entered in packs.
Our lungs searing, we slowly departed
Our corpses then thrown out in sacks.

It’s hard to imagine, one man
Could inflict such severe pain.
But even if now he’s at his apex,
Someday, his powers will wane.

By Shirin Choudhary

So it’s countdown time to the ‘Fete’ now, and there are a lot of different ideas coming through from all sides. I’m also going to be part of a stall, and I hope you guys do come over there. Mind you, not just for staring at my ugly face, but actually play a couple of games. These days won’t come every year, so let’s just enjoy ourselves to the hilt, or do you want to study on that day too? As for the food stalls- we eat food every day, so what’s the big deal in wasting your money on them, right? 😉

With news trickling through that the hols have been lengthened, the fete is now on the last day of school. A perfect end to the year, a big year for most, a moderate one for the less fortunate. By the way, Tushar played with the idea of opening a stall with me and calling it ‘Tushar and Nitesh—A Stall inside GBS’…… On my part, I played with the idea of having Barney Stinson shirts as gifts, but we both decided to scrap them.

The stalls are completely free for the students this year, and so there are a lot more than usual being set up. Every class has at least a couple of stalls being put up, which may end up being a problem in the end. There will be more competition for spots, and in the end, it will all come down to who has the most attractive gifts nah. After all, who wants to go to a stall, and pay money for a chance to get …… stationary?!

For that one, come to our stall please guys. I believe you’re going to enjoy playing for the things we’re offering at least. 😉

Sorry for being a publicity freak like this. I only have one job in this particular venture, and that’s to make sure people come over here and los… enjoy themselves to the hilt! 😀

Even after the dust settles down on GBS, there will be a lot of memories for people to take away. I’m not talking about the fete now, it’s the year as a whole. It was a MAJOR one for me, for reasons I wouldn’t really care to divulge. But as we go on, we’ll always want to come back and live these moments all over again, so stop any moaning and learn to live your life out loud. Perhaps you’ll actually enjoy it for a change 🙂

Ohhh, by the way…. I’ve been thinking of putting a Santa up on the site. What say guys?



Whenever I think about Naveen Sir, I remember his affectionate smile with the sparkle in his eyes. It was his simple and humble nature that made me and everyone else love and respect him.

We used to greet him saying ‘Jai Ram Ji Ki Sir’ and the way he replied always made our day. He called us ‘Gaon wale’ and in the true sense of it, we actually ARE that way. It’s the trademark of GBS footballers! 😛

Our school was very fortunate to have him as our football coach. But for reasons known to all ( :/ ), he left us…….

He’s the most amazing coach we ever had, and as a matter of fact probably the best anybody can ever have.

What I personally miss the most is the summer camp of 2009. We played with Indian International football players and a hell lot of fun. And the best part was, after so much of a workout, we used to go out and have chhanch and chole kulche and pappu ke samose! XD

It is because of Naveen Sir that the face and the spirit of football has changed in our school. The love we got from Sir can’t be expressed in words. He called us ‘Prabhu’, but in the real sense, sir, you are our ‘Prabhu’…. 🙂


Naveen Sir came to our school when the football side, at least, was in turmoil. It was considered the biggest achievement for us to win the zonals, and we would dream of a time when we could play in other grander fields. Now, we expect to win the zonals every year, and not doing so is a failure in itself.

His departure left a deep mark on the students, one from which most never truly recovered. From us ‘seniors’ to the lower grades, many students still talk of him fondly. We remember the coaching sessions he held for the smaller kids, and how he always somehow had ample time to give to everyone. I remember one instance when I was making a list with him; it was a normal school period and he had a class. We were walking along talking when suddenly he was absolutely mobbed from behind by the 2nd class girls and boys, who pushed him to the ground and rolled over him. When his face finally surfaced, it was beaming with joy, and though he complained of backache for a couple of days after that, you could see that he had enjoyed it.

He wasn’t just a coach for us, he was an awesome coach. We played our first home-away tournament in the Simla Youngs, and we went all the way to the finals under him. We were playing for our coach, and we enjoyed every bloody moment under his guidance 😀

Been free after many days, all work done and now writing a blog for T&N. This isn’t my first attempt of blogging but yes writing for the first time for somebody else on a topic-specific blog. I must say that blogging is a great way to unwind and get to the people. And this blog (N&T) is surely famous for it’s top class content and positive approach shown by the two. Hope some tenth-ies have got help from it.

I don’t care who reads this particular thing but just wrote it for my satisfaction. There have been some questions as to why the other half (Tushar) has been so silent. That’s annoying but we should consider the fact that everyone is not a master-blogger who can earn $200 in 5 months [Correction-3 and a half—–Nitesh] and has a super-fast mental output capacity of 100 words per minute 😉 . Sorry for wandering off to irrelevant things and coming back to the topic or rather the purpose of this blog: school. As of 13th December 2011, I have completed 5 years 5 months and 3 days in GBS. That shows I’m relatively inexperienced (according to me) in this school as compared to my other friends who have spent (or will be spending) 14 years in this school. Despite of this inexperience GBS has given me some things which maybe I couldn’t find in any other school and I can proudly say that I study in GBS.

Through the years I have made some good friends here and I can confidently say that Tushar has been the best of the lot. Not best friend as I don’t consider anyone as so but ya, a better friend. It’s only 8 months since I have known him and there are numerous fond memories that would be hard to forget in my life. Tushar, remember the best of it?:

“Be more original next time” 😀

He was going to kill me after this. If I hadn’t known this guy then I wouldn’t have known Rocky and the above lines wouldn’t have been said.

Nitesh is a great guy. It was because of him that I’m blogging. Very considerate with a good sense of humour (everyone knows) [No ones know 😛 —–Nitesh]. He has the key to score marks in English (give it to me) and in each UT this time I found him sitting idle for the last 10 minutes. How the hell can you write so fast??? You don’t blog using a pen.

I’ve come across many kinds of creatures in GBS, and the most annoying one – myself – a pessimistic, atheist and non-socializing bas****. No matter why you can’t find me on FB. I keep my account deactivated.

Now I’m running out of fuel, ideas and enthusiasm. So would only say that friends, send blogs to these guys and make it a wonderful site to visit. It is a very positive approach and N&T, keep it up!

Concluding thought:

It is not important how hard you get hit, but how you can get up after being hit. (hahahaahahahaha :D. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

by Sougata Bag

When people mocked my efforts to give a good G.S. speach :P

Posted: December 13, 2011 by Tushar Singh in Tushar

There have been many few instances for me to experience that what exactly happens in our G.S. class as I remained quite occupied with our house-boardwork in the initial classes.

The incident which I’m writing of is about one of these instances. We were given the topic “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what he learnt at school” to speak upon. This topic was quite vague to hear at first but after sometime it was easy to relate. Since it was my first class of G.S., I knew it by intuition that ma’am would call me to speak upon this topic for sure. Though children were being called according to their roll numbers, I somehow felt that ma’am would jump over to the second last roll number and call me. So I was all prepared to deliver an extempore speech.

Oh btw I forgot to mention that G.S. is our last period on Monday and that day I didn’t have anything to eat in the break due to which I was famished throughout the day. After 2 consecutive periods of maths I was in a state of euphoria and had a famished soul. The situation may sound antithetical but it was certainly like this only.

Well getting back to where I left. I was completely ready to give an extempore speech so it turned me quite inquisitive about what other people were writing. And when it came to speaking upon the topic, no one was able to speak fluently for more than 1 minute. But this didn’t perturb me in the least. I guess euphoria was the reason, but guys euphoria can sometimes lead to overconfidence. And what happened next is an epitome of it. I was called to speak upon this topic, and I stepped up with an incentive to deliver a rousing and flamboyant speech. After speaking for about 1 minute on this topic, I was left with nothing to speak about. Then ma’am asked me to speak upon how can one relate it to LIFE. Nothing clicked me for a few seconds and then suddenly out of nowhere I remembered a dialogue from the movie ‘Rocky Balboa’. There was  a little hindrance at first when I thought of speaking it, but then I turned audacious to make inhibitions stand alone and spoke the dialogue.

I said that “the world aint all sunshine and rainbows, its a very mean and a nasty place and it wont care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it aint about how hard you can hit. Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward how much you can take and keep moving forward.”

Suddenly ma’am stopped me and asked that from where did I copy it 😀 Matlab mu pe katta kar diya maam ne. HAHA! 😀

And out of nowhere Sougata uttered something and I understood that he must be knowing the dialogues which once I made him hear. So before he could speak out, I said that it was copied from Rocky 😀 The whole class bursted out laughing along with ma’am, including the fake laughter by some students just to embarrass me 😛 But I was hardly embarrassed. I enjoyed it too 😀

Then I started continuing from there on and the whole class started laughing again. I had to shout it out that “GUYS! This part isn’t copied” 😛 I dint realize the fact that saying it would result in a much more fierce laugh 😀

After a while, ma’am asked me to continue and I had to reply that “Ma’am! I feel mocked :D”. She started laughing and told me to get back to my seat. On my way back she said “Tushar! Next time please be original :P” HAHAHAHA! That was hilarious. And so was that G.S. class. In the end I forgot that how famished I was throughout the day and it unravelled the frivolous part of me,  ma’am and the the whole class 😀

Return of the blogs; GBS and it’s fire drills ! ;)

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

And so I return. I found it a bit pointless, kind of, to write during the exams as no one will be online to view them. Of course, the high and mighty 12thies didn’t have theirs, but I really didn’t want to waste my brains and hope that they’ll read them. But no offense 😉

One more thing before I go on. The 10th English paper had a writing piece with the Annual Function as the topic. So anyone who read my post would have been helped, a bit at least. See, I actually do write sense sometimes….

I have inside info that the school is going to have its fete this year, on the 24th of December. I can’t remember the last time it happened, probably in 2009, but it’s something that needs to be made annual, just like the Annual function. It’s one of those few days when the entire GBS turns out to have fun, just plain old-fashioned mockery with other schoolmates and your near ones. These days really promote self-unity and a hundred other aspects in a school-going kid, and honestly, I’m pretty sure everyone misses the fun we have. A school trip and a fete, are the two times of the year when everything you do goes, cos it’s with your friends, and the only thing you care about is having the most fun you can. [Please don’t ask me where I heard this, it was just passing through the junior school…..]

The euphoria of the Annual Day has completely died down now, and it’s back to the good old classrooms. The exams took a toll on the students, many of whom have become a lot more serious now, or at least I think. For example, someone I know studied throughout the night for an Economics paper, and went to sleep at 5.30. Idiotic lad, who really needs to sort his head out O:)

The fire drill was AWESOME! 😀 Like, we come out from our exams, and straightaway we’re Shuu’d away to the audi. Students must have been thinking something big must have happened, and many were apprehensive of the extra ‘assembly’. The ‘assembly’ turned out to be quite entertaining in the end, and you know the reasons why. I can’t write them here for fear of a school-day tomorrow, but I don’t think anyone’s going to forget that one in a hurry.

So the fire drill….. I’m pretty sure no one studied at the start of the 4th period, and there was actually a countdown to the ‘earthquake’. When the bell did go, GBS’ites did more than their share of the screaming and all, just to make the situation life-like. 5 or 6 students along with me were given stations to reach during the drill, where we had to shepherd the students towards the field. I’m pretty sure no one listened to us anyway, and we had to shout ourselves hoarse before getting to anyone out there. But the real comedy was some 3rd and 4th class students staying back. When I told them to move to the field, their reply— ‘Bhaiya, rehne do nah, earthquake dekhna hain!’ Poor kids didn’t even know it was supposed to be a drill, which made it a whole lot more surreal for us, and the excitement level was pretty cranked up.

So I’ll be back soon enough. Last UT tomorrow, hopefully everything goes well for you guys out there 🙂

Ohhh, and people, you do know that anyone can post on here? So please, send in your articles, suggestions, whatsoever to us. Either contact me or Tushar somewhere in school, or just visit the About Us page for more details. Now get contributing, tumhaara bhi school hain aakhir!