A short roundup of the glorious mayhem at GBS

Posted: November 22, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

As some of you may have noticed, I added a new button to the site. I have absolutely no idea what it does, but it looked cool, so I just put it up!

Tushar and I have thinking on a couple of nice ideas about how we can add to this blog. Till now, we haven’t really been living up to our title – “a blog inside GBS”, and honestly, I would love to start doing it somehow. So please don’t shoo us away while we come to talk to people around you; I assure you, stalking is the last thing on our minds. Uhmm, not exactly the last one on mine, but I believe this line is applicable for him anyway….

GBS is a big enough school, and there are whole different chains of thoughts inside its campus. These are all unique in their own way, but start any of them off on the school, and you’ll recognize a true GBS’ite. For he’ll be the one tongue-tied, scared of being drawn into the politics that go with being a budding teenager, or some other psychological woodoo like that anyway.

Some students, while easily being true gems in a huge crowd, are scared of coming out into the open. I’m not talking about “oh, you’re so talented, why don’t you go up on the stage in the morning assembly”, but true, honest people who know what they want, and are considerate enough to not step on someone else’s foot to get there. Speaking on the assembly, it’s truely a sorry state; why do students hesitate so much? It’s your school too, and it’s among your friend circle. How long can it last? 5, maybe 10 minutes of near mental breakdowns, and then a day of teasing from your mates? At the end of the day, you’ve presented yourself to the school, and you should be willing to let the people see you and accept you as what you are. Don’t think of this as another bloke talking from the safety of his keyboard, take it from a fellow GBS’ite. True, a GBS’ite who isn’t very active himself, but you get the point.

The annual function is shaping out pretty well now, with most dances being in the final stages of completion. Under the floodlights, it should be a good enough spectacle, and would be a treat for the parents. The fun and gaiety of the earlier weeks has gone now, and people do understand that it’s too close by for us not to take it seriously. Of course, it’s more out of the fact that students don’t want to embarrass themselves on the day; on a more serious note, we students would be more hell-bent on holding ourselves together, that is, not tripping over ourselves at the very first chance we get. Of course, if you’re an accomplished master of whatever field you enter just like that guy was in that show which that cousin of yours had recommended to you, then hats off to your cousin. Who did you think I was talking about? ;P

I’m running out of steam now. But one last thing before you go; we have now reached 1200 views in total, and that’s a brilliant stat right there. But I would like it if students start commenting on the site more often, and actually start sending in articles themselves. Come on, no one can give me any crap about there being nothing to write about this school! If I can go and write these many posts out of sheer memory, then what will you guys do with all the ammunition you have stored inside that head of yours?

Don’t think of me as a blabbing idiot, think of me as a blabbing…uhmm…i forgot what I was going to call myself. Some people like Milind have really been giving it to me about my vellapanti. My response—get off now if you don’t like it; but it’s going to continue anyway. What’s my rank on this site anyway?!


  1. padhi…hw many times have u performed in the assembly?????

  2. why isn’t tushar also writing??

  3. Sabita says:

    What button? Where button?

    • Nitesh says:

      The RSS feed button at the top…i had switched it with something new, ‘Feed the fishes out there’. It sounded good, so i uploaded it. But phir, if i couldn’t figure out what it did myself, I couldn’t really expect others to try it out, should i ?! So it was taken off….
      I’ve also added the names of the authors to the left-hand side, but i know what that is anyway ! 😀
      Then there are a couple of other things that i’ll roll out in some time, abhi time nahi hain karne ko ! :O

      But yeah…
      Some button O:)

  4. sneha barua says:

    i sometimes feel u r a babbling idiot….:-P

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