Roaming freely in GBS

Posted: November 17, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

So I decided to come back after a brief hiatus, with a lot of groaning and all going on behind the scene. Sorry if you became a fan of me and missed my creative insights on the site, and please do pardon me for going deaf to the haters out there. And yeah, I’m a self-praising idiot!

Most people would remember that I had written about the Linkups in school. It seems that despite the flak I got, some people did somehow enjoy my writing, my creativity and my knowledge in the subject, and they asked me to do another one on it. And seeing that I didn’t achieve my aim of being declared enemy number 1 by the people out there, I agreed. So, yeah, don’t blame me over here for telling you things you already know, and if you can bear with me for the next 10 minutes of your life, or 5 mins if you’re a superfast reading bloke, then that would be heavenly. Nah, just kidding, it would just go to show that you know a good write-up when you see it! O:)

The return of the Linkups, sans the names

I thought of looking up the dictionary meaning of a relationship, but I got lost in Wikipedia. Who knew it would be so complicated before it even starts?!

GBS’ites know that it can’t be more difficult than it gets in this school. In a small and, dare I say it, connected, school like ours, everyone knows what is going on. The small fights travel really fast, and rumours take next to no time to be passed on. While on this, I would commend the students for our ability to keep most of it behind bars; with most of it being quite ‘politely’ expressed on Facebook ;). You cannot expect more from a school like this, and that’s the sticking point.

I’ve seen a lot of couples in my day, not just in the campus, but a few other places I frequent. And I’ve seen a lot of friendships broken up just coz they were embarrassed about what people will say. I’m absolutely no-one to be able to comment on this, but if two people of opposite sexes drift apart just cos they’re afraid of what people will say about them, then they weren’t supposed to be together in the first place. So all you guys hiding in the closet; go and ask out your dream girl, and when she spits on your face, do let it all out where you can’t blame me 😉

That’s the only way people should act; just say whatever pops into your mind, and if that’s what pisses someone off, then nothing you can do about it. It’s not the best approach out there, but it’s an honest approach, something which people are afraid of. Of course, that’s a huge enough reason NOT to take up that way, but what’s the use of being in a relationship where you’re scared of facing the truth?

People will always keep changing, and this school certainly knows how to get the dark side out of others. It’s how you adapt to that person’s changes which shows how compatible you are with them, and it’s how you try to forgive their every small mistake that governs how long you’ll last together. No one’s perfect, and hell yeah, I’m never going to be so. But I do know what I want, and it’s not what most people link me with.

A rumour is one of the juiciest things in a dull day, and it would liven up even the most ridiculous of classes. Of course, it’s a bit awkward at the start, and people will always tend to spread more crap. But remember why you live on guys, and before I finish with this mental talk, try living your life out loud sometime. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it. Otherwise, if you don’t, you’re a self-obsessed piece!

As usual, please do tell me where I went wrong, and how I can improve on it. Uhmmmmm…….maze karna hain to kar lena, I can’t say anything there 🙂


  1. Sabita says:

    Self-praising idiot? How true. 😛
    You really think saying whatever pops in your mind is good? :O

  2. sogy95 says:

    Another flawless work from Padhi, just superb! You’ve pulled out the underlying and unidentified truth from the minds of many. Great! And sure you can influence people 😉 Keep it up bro.

  3. You are self centred, Padhi Bhai. Pretty much 😛

    But yeah, nice post anyways. (y) for the EQ 😀

  4. good work!! i must appreciate you for the in-depth knowledge of the topic as well as the people’s views on the same! 😀
    waiting for more work like this! 😉 😀

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