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Posted: November 13, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

My brain has really switched off over the past couple of days, resulting in mediocre ideas coming to my head at the moment. These ranged from the sports facilities in school to the canteen to somehow Facebook again….. I could easily go on and write a report on how our Annual function is shaping up, but hey, I can’t risk that with the school! But yes, with the incoherent practise going on, students have somehow got a welcome break from the tension building around them. Gone are the scowling faces and the confused looks, and please do pardon me for parading my ugly face around the campus in these happy times…

Our school has evolved a lot in the last couple of millennia…erhhhh…decades, but students haven’t changed at all. Sure, we’ve become more ‘evolved’ and sincere in everything we do, but at the end of the day, it is our childhood, and students want to live it their way.  And I’ll be better off to just shut up now before I can continue with this grandma talk!

A lot of students get caught up in this stream, and people always keep in mind what others will think before they do something. I hate the politics involved, and can’t honestly see any reason why people are so scared about their image. Look at me; virtually no one knows me, but that hasn’t stopped me from speaking whatever comes into my head. It’s your actions that shape who you are, and when these actions are being governed by what others will think, then it’s truly a sad day for everyone out there. Except for me, of course. I get to poke a lot of fun at them then!

The Annual day has been on the heads of many people. I shouldn’t say this, but seeing as I echo student welfare or at least something like that, I’ll just go on. Most students feel disappointed with the dances that they are in. Some like Milind have absolutely taken to their act and drilled it into my head how important it is for the school, and how we should be proud of presenting it. He went on for a long time, but I conveniently phased out after the first minute or so….

But now, on to the actual topic of the article. Yeah yeah, I need to learn to get to the point a bit faster, and that’s a common complaint for all. Anyway, I wanted to highlight how our friends influence how we think, and how it’s good or bad. But now, after having pondered for some time (5 seconds 😛 ), it just doesn’t sound like the right one. For one, I’m not the psychological genius over here, and on the other hand I’m normally the one influencing people! Most people won’t admit it, but it is the plain truth that we’re always concerned with what others think, rather than what we can do ourselves.

After this short post, I would like to thank all GBS’ites for really taking to the site. We have now crossed a 1000 views, and that for a new blog at the end of its first week is quite an achievement! Thanks for sticking with this occasional rambler, and thanks for showing your support for this modest undertaking. This site could become big, and I don’t know whether I’ll be here when it really takes off. I’m ecstatic if you somehow enjoy my writings, and you are no-one if you didn’t like any of my posts. Nah, just kidding, express yourselves out here guys, and show yourself to be a THINKING GBS’ite, something which is becoming increasingly rare. You do know that we’re the only inter-school blog out there, and that we’re the only one run completely by students? If you do, you’re a genius, coz I just made that up….

Thanks kamino, aura aage bhi humaare saath mazein karna 😉


  1. nyc written..
    we wuld definatly support u …:)
    i like d last line…;)

  2. “..virtually no one knows me, but that hasn’t stopped me from speaking whatever comes into my head…”
    i loved this attitude 🙂
    n btw well written 🙂

  3. very nicely written padhi….

    keep it up and ask tushaar also to write more…… 😀

  4. Tushar Singh says:

    HAHAHAHA! I’m not getting time bros, too much pending work I’ve got due to pyramids and also I wasnt well lately 🙂

  5. welcum..:)
    i really dont remember wen i said dat.. 😛 😛

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