Welcome to our blog guys

Posted: November 5, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh
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Hiee guys, welcome to our new site. We set this up on the pretext of really communicating with you guys, and lets just hope this relationship continues.

Let’s hope that this site could be a break from your moribund school life, and that people actually flock here. We’re gonna be writing on things people can actually relate to. If you find us boring, who cares? A mark of a good blogger is about speaking their hearts out, and there’s gonna be a lot of hearts spoken out loud here 😀

We’ll be posting any and all things we like on here, and just HAVE to be shared with you guys. So don’t blame me afterwards, I gave you fair warning ! This won’t exactly be a personal diary of a blogger’s thoughts, but will be things that all GBS’ ites at least can relate to. So please feel free to comment on us, and if you think it’s a shit idea, no one cares about who you are!

Now that all that’s done, a real welcome to you guys. Hoping to interact a lot more frequently with people on here, and make a couple of great friends along the way. A lot of people must be feeling pretty down and out nowadays, disappointed with the way things have been going. I’ve been pretty down myself lately, and you just feel it within your friend circle that something’s wrong. The load has been getting on everyone’s nerves, but it would be best for people to just calm down. What’s the use of getting so worked up over things you have no control upon?

For instance, and it’s a bloody short instance at that, look at me. I was pathetic in the exams, but I’ve realised the mistakes I made, and God knows, I’m working hard to change all that. It’s reflecting on everyone, I think, and people are starting to realise the same. My friend circle like Tushar, Arjun, Vibhor, Arpit et all have seen me studying a tad bit more than usual, and honestly, it’s a fresh change.

So that’s about it for now. I started to ramble a bit in between, but I’m hoping that you guys will forgive me, and will let me off with only a bit of your idiotic mocking on Tuesday. Till then, take care if you can, and keep that bloody chin up!

  1. milind alokjee says:

    The First ever worthwhile thing you’ve done Padhi…..Nice!! On a more serious note, Tushar and Nitesh, an excellent idea, lets just hope that it flies with the wings with which it has been born. Also, just a suggestion, if your next post put clearly shed light on what all’s there in the page and how do we register, then it would be a real help for us non-computer savvy kids. (P.S. I hope Nitesh has not put that “I have the power to filter all comments” thing in this website). Hope this is successful!! 😀

    • Nitesh says:

      Marr jaa Milind !
      Thanks for it nevertheless. I’m sure it can be a success if people like you and other GBSites really take to it, and contribute by reading it and sharing your views too 🙂
      I’ll do a post to explain the structure of the blog tomorrow, so please bookmark the page for everything you want from us.
      That moderation part is a necessary evil for bloggers bhai, and honestly, it’s the best thing over here. We can’t have anything too much, can’t we? 😉

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