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By the way, Tushar is getting pissed off coz people are asking him why he isn’t writing more articles. This piece was his idea, and major credits to him please.

Arjun Kumar

I am in Eco class. Bored. Prachal and Angad are leaning over me. Blocking the light. Can’t see. It is difficult to write with them disturbing me. This is a typical GBS class. Economics, the science of getting bored.

Prachal is saying “Tera hain, tera hain!!” Vibhor is copying my mind-blowing hand written awesome literary paragraph. Shrey is reading what I wrote. Shubham is worried about his 160GB small hard drive.

N – Naughty
I – Idiot
T – Tepu
E – Extremely something
S – Shameless
H – Harami (Hitler too)

I knew a naughty boy. He was a total idiot. Didn’t study English at all and used to tepufy all the time. He is vella, and does crazy things at times.

Hence, he is extremely something. Where something = tharki! He is a shameless bas****, who treats his sisters as good as girlfriends 🙂 (I sooooo wanted to edit this, but didn’t!—-Nitesh)

I conclude: Hence, he is a harami 😀

An original masterpiece by Arjun the Great 😀

(I’m not putting that signature up 😛 —–Nitesh)

Vibhor Verma

—> I am in eco class. Bored.

—> Prachal and Angad are leaning over me. Blocking the light. Can’t see. It is difficult to write with them disturbing. This is a typical GBS class. Economics, the science of ge…….Arjun hid his paper -.-

Well, Nitesh is stretching.
Now, he is whistling.
Now, he smiled at me and is giving a drum beat.
He is laughing at what Arjun wrote.
He just read my blog for the day.

T – Tidy
U – Uninvited guest
S – Shameless
H – Hafta maangta hain
A – Arrogant
R – Rascal

I have known Tushar for a year now, and at first he caught my eye as a very quiet and sweet boy. As we sat through our first UT, he didn’t help me at all and I failed getting 7.5/30 😛

Well, now I’ve got to know the white devil and we’ve become quite good friends after a while. You might not know, but when we have chem practical he always, and I literally mean ALWAYS has 2-3 extra labcoats. THANK GOD FOR SUCH AN ANGEL. He lately started a new blog with Nitesh, and I hope this is good enough to make it on there. Tushar scared me half to death by saying that he published ‘Linkups part 3’, putting me in a gay relationship with someone. Of course, this turned out to be fake, and the news, fake too….


Hey, it’s me Mahima. I came to GBS in 4th class, and you know, there is something really special about this school. I have always loved coming here, maybe it’s all my friends who have made my life so special. I may be prefect, but you see it doesn’t really work out that well. I’ve got some wonderful friends, starting from our very class SS1B 🙂

Ashlay Thomas – total vella, Varnika – ever-smiling, Vibhor – Chashmish, Angad Kumar – Susti, Deepankar – Dabangg Dabangg, Arjun Kumar – Total weirdo, Ujjvala – Totally huge [Oyeeeee, her words, not mine O:)——Nitesh]Lakshay – Gorgeous [Again, not mine——Nitesh]Prachal – busy person, Ankitesh – non-stop Bak-Bakiya, Amodini – Cream powder. And I, me and myself – total mad!

Yes, I do agree to that last one, but still whatever, it’s thanks to all of you for making my life beautiful 🙂

And back to Nitesh

Well, that wasn’t anything much, as such. Except for Mahima’s, that is. I had to put up SOMETHING about the school, didn’t I?!

So Arjun has written some quite pleasing names about me. I had to edit a couple of them, and you can ask the dear Discipline Prefect yourself on what he wanted me to publish. I had told him and Vibhor that they could write absolutely anything about the school, on their friends, their life, whatever. They took it a bit too literally….

If you want to put something up yourselves, please do write in to us. Or just come up to me in school and give it, or do whatever you want to get it to us. After that, well, I’ve become known as the ‘Chat Stalker’, and I’ll make sure that GBS’ites read your work 🙂

BTW, I do hope that you didn’t get too fond of their writings. I had to force the two idiots to write them, coz I wanted SOMETHING from my two best friends on here! You’ll still have to bear with me on most other days though O:)


Annual Function 2011 report, mazeee hi aa gaye ! :D

Posted: November 26, 2011 by Nitesh in Moumita, Nitesh

Hii everyone, and welcome to what you may call a report of the Annual Function 2011. I mean, it’s not exactly a report, and it sure as hell isn’t the best one, but as it’s the ONLY one, so you poor guys will just have to be happy with this. If you want to wait for the school to put up the official one on the portal, then please, be my guest. With the way things are going, it will probably be a student who writes that one too! O:)

Moumita — Some class in 12th

Cheers, applause, whoot, everybody. It’s my debut here. But amidst this excitement there’s sorrow, it’s a sad day in the ecstasy of today. People bragging about their respective acts, no words of appraisal, criticism, ANYTHING for us!! MASHAL DANCE!

So what if it’s nowhere close to that….so what if it’s the same step being iterated in every possible position? 😀 Nevertheless, it’s not just a dance for anybody who’s a part of GBS; it’s a time when the entire school acts in an independent and forthright manner. And the most marvelling thing is the dedication behind the cribbing part. The convivial atmosphere, the hullabaloo, the mess, the fun in pulling each other’s leg is just the icing on the cake. We enjoyed the moment, coz it’s a rare occasion. Who else would know it better than us, the twelthies? 😥

And special mention for the pyramids. You people were this close to being the show stealers and then we came 😀 Koi nahi, second best, second best.

Moumita 😉

Nitesh – Who cares anyway?

And so the Annual day was finally held today after two weeks of scrambled practising and getting our acts together. Oops sorry, the ‘Annual Sports and Cultural Meet 2011’, for the misery brigade out there hell bent on killing me off. In the end, it went off well enough. Everything was on the verge of collapse, yet everything looked like it was on the brink of splendour. If you think that I’m going to go and praise each dance separately, sorry, but I’m not that great a liar. But please do take it as ‘I’m not that vella’. 😉

The dances looked great enough. I suppose you could have pushed the function further back so as to showcase it really properly under the spotlights, but somehow that wasn’t part of the planning. At least today, the students knew where they were supposed to be, and there were no people wandering around with a lost expression on their faces. Nearly everyone knew their roles, and it went off quite smoothly. If you messed up in your dance, I’m damn pissed off at you. Couldn’t you have done it in front of me?! Nah, seriously, it won’t be that big a deal. Your friends won’t let you forget it, but then, when do they ever??….

Some people looked pretty good in their costumes, and really put on a great show. But there were some who were so self-conscious that it showed through big-time. Well, I can’t really comment on this topic, with the pyramid gang looking more like Snow White, rather than the dwarfs we were aiming to copy with our antics behind the curtains. Shite, everyone had soo much fun today, and no one really wants it to end. But don’t become all senti now guys, school life has to go on.

The 11th bamboo dance nearly never happened, with their costumes only arriving at school an hour before their performance. I’m not sure where so many people changed at once, but I don’t suppose that the parents found using the toilets any easier. They pulled the dance off quite well in the end, and were quite near to being the second-best act of the day. But of course, quite near doesn’t quite cut it at GBS. The best act? Ask any student out there EXCEPT A 12THIE, and you’ll know it was the pyramids. But coz I can’t praise myself on here due to some jealous folks, let’s just give the following awards.

Legendary Act – Pyramids 😀

1st runner-up – Mashal dance (12th)

2nd runner-up – I think it was the Bamboo one (11th), honestly!

You can also interchange the runner-ups if you want, I don’t really care about that. Both were equally good, and I just gave it to the 12thies, just coz they didn’t throw the fire in my face!

And one more thing…absolutely no student brought a cell phone….. 😉


So finally the blog is getting big enough for someone else to guest post on here. Let’s hope that more come out of their soggy basements and try out over here, coz it became a bit lonely all on my own!

Disclaimer:– All comments/ views/ whateverrr are the sole property of their authors and I have absolutely no hand in any of this, except some extremely mild editing and publishing it. I kind of forced people to write articles in the free periods in school, so please don’t expect any Hi-fi English on here. This site is going to be one of the most informal blogs possible out there, and we’re going to try and live up to our tagline now—‘A blog INSIDE GBS’. Uhmmm…..bottom line —-> I haven’t written anything under someone else’s name!

…..yet 😉

Shrey Marwaha — SS1B

Hi, I was told to write this blog by my good friend Nitesh (the master blogger). He told me that I can write absolutely anything about our school, our life, our friends….that can be published. Thats means, this article can’t have any abuses, direct criticisms or any of that stuff. So, I’m thinking about what to write……..and still thinking….!!

Ya, I’ve got a sudden idea (in the middle of Eco class, if I may add!—-NItesh). The Annual day run-throughs in school are going on at full swing, and I’m going to write on that. The function proper has been scheduled for 26th November, and we’re all hoping it goes good enough. After almost 2 years, or maybe longer, the school has organised a combined Annual day, that is, all students are participating. Ohh, what ?!?!?!?!?!

Just now Padhi, the master blogger, told me that he would be putting this up on Sunday, a day AFTER the Annual Function, and so got a handful of good, nice and respectful words from me!! No worries, I had an agreement with him to publish this before.

But to the main topic. Let me tell you that the whole of our school is participating this time, somehow… We have a whole bunch of events to mesmerize the audience like the pyramids, our own Malaysian Bamboo dance, some sort of a circus by the 2nd standard and some other stuff. I must say, our Malaysian Bamboo dance…is the BESSTT!! Let me tell you a boring thing, ohkay, it’s not exactly boring, but I don’t expect an ‘oh really! Are you joking?!’ kind of reaction. Our chief guest is Ajay Maken, the sports minister of India. That’s quite a big man, and we should be honoured to have him come to our school.

Back to Nitesh — School wanderer

Yes, so that was our uhmmm…introduction to the Annual Day? o_O

Back to me and my poor old viewers then, some of whom would sooner be part of the Trade fair going on than come to school in this ruckus. So I’m also supposed to write on the Annual day today? Let’s see then….

For once, it looks to be a pretty decent affair, with a lot of planning going into it. Students don’t really see that much from the outside, but trust us poor blokes who have to lug around the mats and all, we’ve heard the dark sides of the tale too, and yeah, the function’s coming together pretty well.

The dances were a real sticking point with people, and still are with the boys out there. Boys just cannot lift up their arms and legs to save their lives; the embarrassment is too much for some idiots. I trust that they’ll be feeling a whole lot more skittlish on Saturday, after they get the thoughts of the after-show wanderings out of their minds. The whole school will turn out together, and everyone will see the mighty GBS standing up on its feet, along with the clueless people rambling around in their costumes, with no idea where they’re supposed to report. Trust me, I know the feeling…

Most students, like me, are worried about their performances on the day, and the pre-big day nerves have started to creep in. For most, it’s a question of visualizing the worst; tripping over your own feet and sending down the whole pack like a pack of Dominos. After all, united we stand, and in disarray we fall.

At the end of the day, the function is tomorrow. Get a good night’s sleep guys, and try to give your best. If you mess up for some reason, I’m pretty sure the teachers will understand. But I’m also positive that your friends won’t ever let you forget it!

A short roundup of the glorious mayhem at GBS

Posted: November 22, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

As some of you may have noticed, I added a new button to the site. I have absolutely no idea what it does, but it looked cool, so I just put it up!

Tushar and I have thinking on a couple of nice ideas about how we can add to this blog. Till now, we haven’t really been living up to our title – “a blog inside GBS”, and honestly, I would love to start doing it somehow. So please don’t shoo us away while we come to talk to people around you; I assure you, stalking is the last thing on our minds. Uhmm, not exactly the last one on mine, but I believe this line is applicable for him anyway….

GBS is a big enough school, and there are whole different chains of thoughts inside its campus. These are all unique in their own way, but start any of them off on the school, and you’ll recognize a true GBS’ite. For he’ll be the one tongue-tied, scared of being drawn into the politics that go with being a budding teenager, or some other psychological woodoo like that anyway.

Some students, while easily being true gems in a huge crowd, are scared of coming out into the open. I’m not talking about “oh, you’re so talented, why don’t you go up on the stage in the morning assembly”, but true, honest people who know what they want, and are considerate enough to not step on someone else’s foot to get there. Speaking on the assembly, it’s truely a sorry state; why do students hesitate so much? It’s your school too, and it’s among your friend circle. How long can it last? 5, maybe 10 minutes of near mental breakdowns, and then a day of teasing from your mates? At the end of the day, you’ve presented yourself to the school, and you should be willing to let the people see you and accept you as what you are. Don’t think of this as another bloke talking from the safety of his keyboard, take it from a fellow GBS’ite. True, a GBS’ite who isn’t very active himself, but you get the point.

The annual function is shaping out pretty well now, with most dances being in the final stages of completion. Under the floodlights, it should be a good enough spectacle, and would be a treat for the parents. The fun and gaiety of the earlier weeks has gone now, and people do understand that it’s too close by for us not to take it seriously. Of course, it’s more out of the fact that students don’t want to embarrass themselves on the day; on a more serious note, we students would be more hell-bent on holding ourselves together, that is, not tripping over ourselves at the very first chance we get. Of course, if you’re an accomplished master of whatever field you enter just like that guy was in that show which that cousin of yours had recommended to you, then hats off to your cousin. Who did you think I was talking about? ;P

I’m running out of steam now. But one last thing before you go; we have now reached 1200 views in total, and that’s a brilliant stat right there. But I would like it if students start commenting on the site more often, and actually start sending in articles themselves. Come on, no one can give me any crap about there being nothing to write about this school! If I can go and write these many posts out of sheer memory, then what will you guys do with all the ammunition you have stored inside that head of yours?

Don’t think of me as a blabbing idiot, think of me as a blabbing…uhmm…i forgot what I was going to call myself. Some people like Milind have really been giving it to me about my vellapanti. My response—get off now if you don’t like it; but it’s going to continue anyway. What’s my rank on this site anyway?!


Roaming freely in GBS

Posted: November 17, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

So I decided to come back after a brief hiatus, with a lot of groaning and all going on behind the scene. Sorry if you became a fan of me and missed my creative insights on the site, and please do pardon me for going deaf to the haters out there. And yeah, I’m a self-praising idiot!

Most people would remember that I had written about the Linkups in school. It seems that despite the flak I got, some people did somehow enjoy my writing, my creativity and my knowledge in the subject, and they asked me to do another one on it. And seeing that I didn’t achieve my aim of being declared enemy number 1 by the people out there, I agreed. So, yeah, don’t blame me over here for telling you things you already know, and if you can bear with me for the next 10 minutes of your life, or 5 mins if you’re a superfast reading bloke, then that would be heavenly. Nah, just kidding, it would just go to show that you know a good write-up when you see it! O:)

The return of the Linkups, sans the names

I thought of looking up the dictionary meaning of a relationship, but I got lost in Wikipedia. Who knew it would be so complicated before it even starts?!

GBS’ites know that it can’t be more difficult than it gets in this school. In a small and, dare I say it, connected, school like ours, everyone knows what is going on. The small fights travel really fast, and rumours take next to no time to be passed on. While on this, I would commend the students for our ability to keep most of it behind bars; with most of it being quite ‘politely’ expressed on Facebook ;). You cannot expect more from a school like this, and that’s the sticking point.

I’ve seen a lot of couples in my day, not just in the campus, but a few other places I frequent. And I’ve seen a lot of friendships broken up just coz they were embarrassed about what people will say. I’m absolutely no-one to be able to comment on this, but if two people of opposite sexes drift apart just cos they’re afraid of what people will say about them, then they weren’t supposed to be together in the first place. So all you guys hiding in the closet; go and ask out your dream girl, and when she spits on your face, do let it all out where you can’t blame me 😉

That’s the only way people should act; just say whatever pops into your mind, and if that’s what pisses someone off, then nothing you can do about it. It’s not the best approach out there, but it’s an honest approach, something which people are afraid of. Of course, that’s a huge enough reason NOT to take up that way, but what’s the use of being in a relationship where you’re scared of facing the truth?

People will always keep changing, and this school certainly knows how to get the dark side out of others. It’s how you adapt to that person’s changes which shows how compatible you are with them, and it’s how you try to forgive their every small mistake that governs how long you’ll last together. No one’s perfect, and hell yeah, I’m never going to be so. But I do know what I want, and it’s not what most people link me with.

A rumour is one of the juiciest things in a dull day, and it would liven up even the most ridiculous of classes. Of course, it’s a bit awkward at the start, and people will always tend to spread more crap. But remember why you live on guys, and before I finish with this mental talk, try living your life out loud sometime. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it. Otherwise, if you don’t, you’re a self-obsessed piece!

As usual, please do tell me where I went wrong, and how I can improve on it. Uhmmmmm…….maze karna hain to kar lena, I can’t say anything there 🙂



Posted: November 14, 2011 by Tushar Singh in Tushar

Rocky is a 1976 American sports drama film directed by John G. Avildsen, and written by and starring Sylvester Stallone. It tells the rags to riches American Dream story of Rocky Balboa, an uneducated but kind-hearted debt collector for a loan shark in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rocky starts out as a club fighter who then gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship. The film also stars Talia Shire as Adrian, Burt Young as Adrian’s brother Paulie, Burgess Meredith as Rocky’s trainer Mickey Goldmill, and Carl Weathers as the champion, Apollo Creed.

The film, made on a budget of less than $1 million and shot in 28 days, was a sleeper hit; it made over $225 million the highest grossing film of 1976, and won three Oscars, including Best Picture. The film received many positive reviews and turned Stallone into a major star. It spawned five sequels: Rocky II, III, IV, V and Rocky Balboa.


Stallone was inspired to create the film by Rocky Marciano and the famous fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner in 1975. Wepner had been TKO’d in the 15th round by Ali, but nobody ever expected him to last as long as he did. Wepner recalls in a January 2000 interview, “Sly (Stallone) called me about two weeks after the Ali fight and told me he was gonna make the movie.”

Its a must watch guys. You’d really like it 🙂

My brain has really switched off over the past couple of days, resulting in mediocre ideas coming to my head at the moment. These ranged from the sports facilities in school to the canteen to somehow Facebook again….. I could easily go on and write a report on how our Annual function is shaping up, but hey, I can’t risk that with the school! But yes, with the incoherent practise going on, students have somehow got a welcome break from the tension building around them. Gone are the scowling faces and the confused looks, and please do pardon me for parading my ugly face around the campus in these happy times…

Our school has evolved a lot in the last couple of millennia…erhhhh…decades, but students haven’t changed at all. Sure, we’ve become more ‘evolved’ and sincere in everything we do, but at the end of the day, it is our childhood, and students want to live it their way.  And I’ll be better off to just shut up now before I can continue with this grandma talk!

A lot of students get caught up in this stream, and people always keep in mind what others will think before they do something. I hate the politics involved, and can’t honestly see any reason why people are so scared about their image. Look at me; virtually no one knows me, but that hasn’t stopped me from speaking whatever comes into my head. It’s your actions that shape who you are, and when these actions are being governed by what others will think, then it’s truly a sad day for everyone out there. Except for me, of course. I get to poke a lot of fun at them then!

The Annual day has been on the heads of many people. I shouldn’t say this, but seeing as I echo student welfare or at least something like that, I’ll just go on. Most students feel disappointed with the dances that they are in. Some like Milind have absolutely taken to their act and drilled it into my head how important it is for the school, and how we should be proud of presenting it. He went on for a long time, but I conveniently phased out after the first minute or so….

But now, on to the actual topic of the article. Yeah yeah, I need to learn to get to the point a bit faster, and that’s a common complaint for all. Anyway, I wanted to highlight how our friends influence how we think, and how it’s good or bad. But now, after having pondered for some time (5 seconds 😛 ), it just doesn’t sound like the right one. For one, I’m not the psychological genius over here, and on the other hand I’m normally the one influencing people! Most people won’t admit it, but it is the plain truth that we’re always concerned with what others think, rather than what we can do ourselves.

After this short post, I would like to thank all GBS’ites for really taking to the site. We have now crossed a 1000 views, and that for a new blog at the end of its first week is quite an achievement! Thanks for sticking with this occasional rambler, and thanks for showing your support for this modest undertaking. This site could become big, and I don’t know whether I’ll be here when it really takes off. I’m ecstatic if you somehow enjoy my writings, and you are no-one if you didn’t like any of my posts. Nah, just kidding, express yourselves out here guys, and show yourself to be a THINKING GBS’ite, something which is becoming increasingly rare. You do know that we’re the only inter-school blog out there, and that we’re the only one run completely by students? If you do, you’re a genius, coz I just made that up….

Thanks kamino, aura aage bhi humaare saath mazein karna 😉


Just being frivolous ^_^

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So I haven’t been able to think of one specific topic for a blog post. Apologies to the anti-social media among you for failing to do so, and please do pardon me for boring you with another one. Anyway, I kind of decided to do a round-up article, so to speak, and then I divided that one into parts cos it became too maddeningly long….. And here’s one post which is on here for all the wrong reasons, reasons which I wouldn’t care to divulge to anyone just yet. If you somehow strive on till the end of this piece, my commends to you, and it would be better for you to not be as vella as you seem to be. Nah, just kidding, that would just kill off this site before it even starts!

The actual article, if you can call it that!

The disclaimer:– I do know that I risk being declared Enemy number 1 in the school with this one, but honestly, look at this way, I won’t name anyone! Nah, just kidding, it’s a fun post guys, so just try to take it that way. Otherwise, if you’re plain disgusted at me, do let me know and I will just ignore your complaints….

Most of the people on here must be in their advanced teens by now, and would know exactly what I mean by the topic. I shouldn’t really say much on this as I’ve been at both ends of the stick myself! But yeah, it’s human nature to play matchmaker and link two people together. If you’re just plain bored, you pick up random names and try to make the guy/girl blush. A reaction would be bliss for the teaser; otherwise there are always a hundred more names in school. But for the teaser, it all must be a bit discerning at first, and must be very awkward when you’re with that person. Of course, the idiots I call my friends don’t care too much about that, and there’s always those couple of names that keep popping up.

The problem with linking two people together is…..actually…..nothing. As long as it’s not plain disgusting as some people come up with, it should all be in fun and mocking tones. Some, like me, have learnt to take it all with a pinch of salt, and I honestly enjoy it when people try to get a reaction out of me. I don’t really care what they say, but it becomes really interesting to see just how far they will go. Just add a bit more fuel to the fire, and you’re set for your entertainment quote for the day.

Even the teachers have become privy to some of the worst kept secrets in school, and most of them are up to date on the current affairs and all. I’m not going to give out any names for I’m supposed to be a bit ‘grown-up’ for that [ Hahahahaha XD ], but on the whole of it, students could do better with taking it all on the chin. I’ve got a friend in my colony (NOT school) getting worked up over some rumours spread around her tuition. Honestly speaking, I tried to help, but I’m not sure my stifled laughter was a confidence booster for her….

Over the past couple of years, there have been a whole lot more relationships in GBS than before. A lot more people have come out into the open, and I honestly find it refreshing that GBSites are learning to live their life out loud. You shouldn’t have to care about what people think, just go with the flow, and enjoy youself. Unfortunately, in this school, a girl and a boy can never be friends, and there will always be a third party involved set on bringing some tension between them. And one last thing before I stop this inconclusive rambling, it would be better for some people to leave others alone. I notice that they feel a whole lot more uncomfortable when I start the name-calling. Mind you, not in my nature to do so. I just had to say this, for the politics involved with the blog O:)

I sooooo want to name people on here, who have made life absolutely miserable for others. But for continuity and the existence of this site and some other shit I can’t quite figure out, I’m quite happy by taking inspiration from them. This article is going to ruffle more than a few feathers, and I hope that you’ll pardon me for my …. am I outspoken?…..nature. Anyway, for all those who were hoping to actually get some names and couples on here, sorry for disappointing you. But honestly, I do like my life right now, and a premature death isn’t for everyone out there.

If you have any new suggestion for a blog article or would like to write one yourself, please do contact me somehow, either in school or over on Facebook, and I’ll be at your service. Not the oh-this-guy-is-a-freak kind of service, but I hope one that will be beneficial, or some other hoodoo like that….

Get commenting now guys, and please do tell me how big an idiot I am!


NEVER GIVE UP! Inspirational True Story

Posted: November 9, 2011 by Tushar Singh in Tushar

Food fights are part of who we are

Posted: November 7, 2011 by Nitesh in Nitesh

How often have you been caught while eating food in the class? I’ve been caught a couple of times, but teachers seem to understand that it’s normal behavior for us students to be greedy pigs. It’s a rarity for any tiffin to survive till the break, and if one does so, we celebrate the occasion by looting the poor guy/girl.

The opening of a tiffin has a lot more meaning than it used to before. Now, some people smell the food before opening the box, and in the nano-seconds that it takes to lift the lid, a 10-man strong crowd would have gathered. I believe that it’s excellent training for anyone; just try to stand there jostling for a piece of the action, and you’ll understand what I’m rambling about. It’s excellent character building too- try to shout at the top of your voice while trying to get your hands on something, and you’ll have learnt the first basic truth of life—- nothing comes without hardwork, and you have to go into the fray blind at all times, and hope your hands get something. Yeah, your food fight somehow actually teaches you a moral lesson for life!

In my class, we have a set agenda. We open this guy’s tiffin in the 1st period, check this other guy’s tiffin the 3rd period, safely hide Vibhor’s tiffin whenever we get our hands on it, and somehow get the guts to sneak a peek inside our own food and have a bite. All this, while hiding from the circling vultures in our classmates, and the teachers who have a much sharper eye than most. I can honestly say that I haven’t had the distinction of being caught up for eating when someone’s teaching something. For the sake of this discussion/whatever you want to call it, let’s just say I’m too quick to be caught! 😉

Then, once you have somehow survived till break, comes the agonizing wait for the teacher to go out of the class, and the desperate anxiety for someone’s tiffin to have been spared.  I sometimes prowl in the other classes in that hope, but nah, I’m unlucky most of the time. For an instance, take Anurag. The poor idiot was so desperately hungry that he didn’t wait for Arpita maam to leave the class after the 4th period ended, and started eating right under her nose, hoping it would be concealed by the desk. Fortunately for us ecstatic onlookers, he was unlucky, and her shriek of ‘Bhukkadd!!’ reverberated across the class, along with our joyous laughter. Trust me, we never let Golu forget that!

Food fights are an excellent character-building method. You learn to skip lines, you learnt that the first bird always gets the grain, and you learn that this student’s mom is a great chef. Ahhh, I enjoyed that one…. 😉

Haha, anyway, it must have sounded like an idiotic post for you big people. But for gawaars like me, a food fight is the epitome of success, and it’s the one who comes out with half a burger in the end who’s the biggest victor.

by Nitesh